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2. Parents Matter: How to Champion Sex Education

3. When talking about birth rates and babies, why are we omitting marriage?

Timothy P. Carney | Washington Examiner

4. ‘Encanto’ Is About Forgiveness, Not Romance, But It’s Still A Love Story


5. Dads Can Experience Mental Health Issues After Childbirth, Too

6. Perspective: Is marriage dead, or just the wedding section?

By Naomi Schaefer Riley

7. George Washington the Husband


Abigail Smith Married John Adams
October 25, 1764

8. The Reluctance Of Males To Become Men: Failure to Launch

by John Clark

9. True Femininity: An Interview with Alice von Hildebrand


10. Golden thoughts on chastity and procreation, including heredity, prenatal influences, etc., etc.: Sensible hints and wholesome advice for maiden and young man, wife and husband, mother and father, 2nd ed

Gibson, J. W., Gibson, M. J. W., & Truitt, W. J. (Collaborator)

11. The ‘success sequence’ can help schools bridge our divides

Frederick M. Hess | Education Week


Bill Coffin
tag:billcoffin.org,2013:Post/1783151 2022-01-14T19:39:34Z 2022-01-14T19:39:34Z Fwd: Communication & Agreeing to Disagree!👊
We at First Things First are sharing some tips to help you communicate better!

January 14, 2022

top trending topics

💪 You can create a stronger marriage with these 10 tips.

⁉️ Get some insight & understanding of your communication style with this quiz.

😞 If your spouse has become a bit boring, here's what you can do.

👥 Ask yourself these questions before sharing your marital problems with others.

👊 It's totally healthy to agree to disagree with your spouse sometimes.

tips & tricks for growth

create some comfort in your life

It’s not normal to experience the amount of stress, anxiety, and uncertainty most of us have felt the past two years. And it’s been challenging for many to find any relief or comfort, yet we desperately need it.


Many folks are great at creating comforting moments for others, but when it comes to being intentional about creating comfort in their world, well, not so much. We all need moments that allow for a break in the action to hit the refresh button. It’s good for us, and it’s good for the people around us.


Ways to create some comfort in your life: 

  1. Make a list of all the things you love that make you happy.
    Do some of those things daily.
  2. Indulge in your favorite comfort meal.
    You know, all the stuff you would typically say, “I shouldn’t be eating this…” Eat that and savor every second of it guilt-free.
  3. Take time out for a walk.
    Make a point of looking up at the sky, watching the trees, and looking for wildlife. Pay attention to your breathing. Avoid thinking about things that are stressful in your life at the moment. Literally, take a break.
  4. Laugh.
    Watch a funny show or talk to that friend who always makes you laugh.
  5. Listen to soothing music, read a book or magazine, work on a puzzle, or on your hobby.
    Doing something that distracts you from the day’s stress and anxiety can be relaxing and bring comfort.

foster effective communication in your marriage

What are the keys to effective communication? Well, research on what makes marriage work shows that happy and healthy couples have a ratio of 5:1 positive to negative behaviors in their relationship.


This means there are five times as many positive interactions between happy couples (i.e., listening, validating the other person, using soft words, expressing appreciation, affirmation, physical affection, compliments, etc.) as there are negative (i.e., raising one’s voice, stating a complaint, or expressing one’s anger).


Tips for improving the effectiveness of communication in your relationship:


🗣️ Be intentional about spending time together.


🗣️ Use more “I” statements and less “You” statements.


🗣️ Be specific.


🗣️ Avoid mind-reading.


🗣️ Express negative feelings constructively.


🗣️ Listen without being defensive.


🗣️ Freely express positive feelings.


This week's picks come from Lauren Hall, wife of 7 years to Daniel, toddler momma, dog momma, and the CEO here at First Things First. Take a peek at her recommendations for this week because they are just THAT GOODCheck 'em out 👀:


🎧 The Naked Marriage Podcast- Full transparency, my husband and I listen to this podcast on the regular. Sex is one of their number one topics, as well as intimacy, conflict and communication. Tactile, easy-to-use information in a fun deliverable.


💻 Marripedia- This is Wikipedia… for Marriage. Which means, YES, it’s just as fishy and just as fascinating. Some items on this site are for giggles, but others are completely fascinating and eye-opening. My husband and I often peruse the links and share what we find beneficial and/or just plain sad. 


📖 Read: Fighting Words by Ellie Holcomb- This is 100% faith-based. Daily scripture, prayers and meditation at its best. I include this in my “marriage” section because it’s led me on a deeper journey in my faith which leads me to a deeper connection with my spouse. I suggest this for Christians especially, but all can benefit from the hope it provides. 


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tag:billcoffin.org,2013:Post/1782764 2022-01-13T21:32:08Z 2022-01-14T16:54:53Z Candidates for IFS Friday Five
1. Parenting is different in different cultures

 Jennifer E. Lansford

2. The Difficulties of Teaching about Divorce in an Anecdotal World

Alexander Riley

3. Replay
WEBINAR: Sliding vs. Deciding: Commitment, Ambiguity, and Relationship Formation

4. Why parents should stop blaming themselves for how their kids turn out

Yuko Munakata PhD

5. The Dangerous Pattern One Therapist Sees in New Fathers


Sophia Alvarez Boyd, producer

7. Amid challenges of pandemic, new data finds a silver lining for parents

8. USU Extension Co-sponsors 2022 Utah Marriage Celebration Online

Julene Reese

Georgetown Slavery Archive

10. 10 Signs of Emotional Neglect in Your Relationship

Bill Coffin
tag:billcoffin.org,2013:Post/1779414 2022-01-05T01:12:55Z 2022-01-05T01:12:56Z Candidates for IFS Friday Five
1. Pandemic Brought Parents and Children Closer: More Family Dinners, More Reading to Young Children


2. Call for 2022 NARME Summit Presenters

Applications are now being accepted through January 14th for the 2022 NARME Summit in
Salt Lake City.

3. Tips for Promoting Good Habits In Your Kids


4. Coparenting and Healthy Relationship and Marriage Education for Dads (CHaRMED): Results from a Qualitative Study of Staff and Participant Experiences in Nine Fatherhood Programs


Healthy Marriage and Relationship Education with Integrated Economic Stability Services: The Impacts of Empowering Families

5. 50 guilt-free resolutions

TF Edwords

6. ISO: Dibble Master Trainers

The Dibble Institute is hiring experienced trainers to facilitate trainings in Dibble programs. Applicants must have prior experience teaching a Dibble program(s) and have attended a Dibble Training of Educators (TOE).


Visit the job description and application information…

7. How to protect children from the negative impacts of adverse childhood experiences – a comprehensive approach

By Child & Family Blog Editor


Involved, vigilant parenting in African American families protects children from the negative effects of racial discrimination

8. CoupleTalk Live - Part 1: Jan/Feb 2022

9.  2021 Impact Report San Antonio Marriage Initiative


Couple’s Connection Plan: A Time for Reflection and Resolution

10. The magic fix for family life: dinner together

Ida Gazzola

11. How to Strengthen Your Marriage During Tough Times


Relationship satisfaction and commitment in the transition to parenthood: A couple-centered approach



Bill Coffin
tag:billcoffin.org,2013:Post/1772060 2021-12-16T21:27:54Z 2021-12-16T21:27:55Z Candidates for IFS Friday Five
1. National Marriage Week Tool Kit

2. A Marriage Crisis and Holiday Season

3. Sliding vs. Deciding: Commitment, Ambiguity, and Relationship Formation

Wednesday, January 12, 2022, 4:30 pm Eastern/1:30 pm Pacific

4. 2022 Groves Conference

5. A Distinctly American Family Policy

Melissa S. Kearney and Phillip Levine

7. Family Hubs vs Sure Start Children’s Centres

Dr. Samantha Callan, Co-founder & Director of Family Hubs Network

8. Stories of Service: Exceptional Family Member Program supports Jacksonville military families

Anthony Austin


Mastering Your Marriage

Bill Coffin
tag:billcoffin.org,2013:Post/1768570 2021-12-09T00:41:46Z 2021-12-09T00:50:41Z Candidates for IFS Friday Five
1. National Marriage Week USA Calendar


2. Surgeon general warns of emerging youth mental health crisis in rare public advisory

Howard Blume and Melissa Gomez, Los Angeles Times

3. Sexual Intimacy in Marriage



New Toolkit for Fatherhood Programs Interested in Implementing New Program Components or Services

A new toolkit from the Building Bridges and Bonds (B3) evaluation provides fatherhood program practitioners with user-friendly, hands-on resources to support implementation of new program components or services. The resources include a set of downloadable tools along with an interactive web-based brief and a longer resource document to support use of the tools.

Explore the Toolkit > https://www.acf.hhs.gov/opre/toolkit/ready-set-go1

5. Married to the job no more: Craving flexibility, parents are quitting to get it

Aaron De Smet, Bonnie Dowling, Marino Mugayar-Baldocchi, and Joachim Talloen


6. Surprising new study finds grandmothers more connected to grandchildren than to own children

Jenna Romaine


7. Do you feel like a sullen teen again when you visit your parents for the holidays? You're not alone



8. Communicating during the holidays

Kerry Elsen, Extension Educator- Buffalo County


9. What premarital sex has to do with divorce — and other takeaways from marriage research

Lois M. Collins


10. EITC effects intergenerational marriage and childbirth decisions—new study


11. For Your Marriage to Work, Commit to Your Relationship

Catherine Aponte, Psy.D.


Thanks -- Might go to see

 Lewis: The Most Reluctant Convert tomorrow afternoon


WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 8, 2021, 7:00 - 8:00 PM PST

Bill Coffin
tag:billcoffin.org,2013:Post/1766112 2021-12-02T21:45:54Z 2021-12-02T21:45:54Z Candidates for IFS Friday Five
1. Family Check-Up® For Children



Submission for OMB Review; Mother and Infant Home Visiting Program Evaluation (MIHOPE): Long-Term Follow-Up, Kindergarten data collection (MIHOPE-K) [OMB #0970-0402]

2. Re-Examining the Link Between Premarital Sex and Divorce

Jesse Smith, Nicholas H. Wolfinger

3. New training and resources package to boost family support in England


First families policy roundtable held at Army Headquarters

4. Peter Jon Mitchell on why young Canadians are losing faith in the institution of marriage

5. The Changing Face of Social Breakdown

Yuval Levin

6. Supporting the Healthy Development of Children from Military and Veteran Caregiving Homes

7. Differences In Brain Structure May Account For Why Some Siblings Display Antisocial Behavior

Elizabeth Pratt

8. Reading With Your Toddler? Books May Beat Screens


Marriage and Divorce Visualizations

10. Pandemic causes historic decrease in marriages across the country

By Isabella Magee

11. Money Talks: How to Resolve Conflicts with Your Partner

12. Online Dating Is Shifting Educational Inequalities in Marriage Formation in Germany 

13. When Being Married Is No Longer Fun

Thanks...Friday Five 400 (sounds like it could be a stop on the NASCAR circuit)

Bill Coffin
tag:billcoffin.org,2013:Post/1760991 2021-11-18T21:20:37Z 2021-11-18T21:20:38Z Candidates for IFS Friday Five
1. Pick 1

Healthy Marriage Clients’ Change Over time: Data Snapshot of Adult Clients at Program Entry and Exit

Implementing a Parenting Intervention in a Fatherhood Program

This report describes the effects of Just Beginning - a parenting intervention implemented by three Responsible Fatherhood programs and evaluated as part of the Building Bridges and Bonds (B3) study - on parenting and father-child relationships. It also describes costs of implementing the curriculum and analyzes how services operated and who participated in them.

Read the Report >


New Synthesis of Findings from the Building Bridges and Bonds Evaluation

Explore the final results and lessons from the Building Bridges and Bonds (B3) evaluation, which tested new approaches to help fathers work toward economic stability, develop stronger relationships with their children, and increase participation in the context of existing fatherhood programs.

Read the Brief >


New Report Shares Findings from the Exploratory Study of the DadTime Smartphone App Intervention

Explore this report, which explores the feasibility, usability, and impact of the DadTime smartphone app to promote fathers’ attendance in a parenting intervention called Just Beginning, as implemented by three Responsible Fatherhood programs as part of the Building Bridges and Bonds (B3) Study.

Read the Report >

2. Helping couples achieve relationship success: A decade of progress in couple relationship education research and practice, 2010–2019

3. Does alcohol make you argue with your partner?

4.  Illinois’ Family First Prevention Plan approved by US Department of Health and Human Services

5. Bishops urged to implement framework for marriage and family ministry

Dennis Sadowski, Catholic News Service

6. How Children Can Become Caring Community Members


7. Evaluation of family hubs

8. What can parents do to help their children thrive and excel in school?

9. Reading with children in a native language is key to bilingual learning

By Ashley Moser, KSL-TV |

10. How playfulness develops and spurs a drive to learn

By Katrin Heimann

11. Living-in before marriage is a bad idea

Jemy Gatdula

12. Her Pleasure First

Gary Thomas

Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Bill Coffin
tag:billcoffin.org,2013:Post/1758241 2021-11-11T18:59:02Z 2021-11-11T18:59:03Z Candidates for IFS Friday Five #398 (early bird edition)
1. Many women have left the workforce. When will they return?


2. The impact of COVID-19 on adolescents’ mental health

3. Final Reports on the 2015 Healthy Marriage and Responsible Fatherhood Grantee Programs and Clients

4. Pope to married couples: Don’t be afraid of crises

5. Cairo offers marriage prep course to young couples as divorce rises

Ibrahim Ayyad


6. Childhood Emotional Abuse Is Associated With the Desire to Get Married and Have Children in Korean Young Adults

Jeewon Lee 1, Shin-Gyeom Kim 1, HyunChul Youn 1, Soyoung Irene Lee 1

7. National Adoption Month 2021
Every Conversation Matters


in FL

Bill Coffin
tag:billcoffin.org,2013:Post/1755644 2021-11-04T22:10:20Z 2021-11-04T22:10:21Z Candidates for IFS Friday Five
1. DOD Celebrates 'National Veterans and Military Families Month'



The Family Institute at Northwestern University

3. Effect of a Universal Postpartum Nurse Home Visiting Program on Child Maltreatment and Emergency Medical Care at 5 Years of Age A Randomized Clinical Trial

W. Benjamin Goodman, PhD1; Kenneth A. Dodge, PhD1; Yu Bai, PhD1; et al

4. Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Child and Adolescent Mental Health Policy and Practice Implementation

by Lawrence A. Palinkas 1,*,Jessenia De Leon 1,Erika Salinas 1,Sonali Chu 1,Katharine Hunter 2,Timothy M. Marshall 3,Eric Tadehara 4,Christopher M. Strnad 5,Jonathan Purtle 6,Sarah McCue Horwitz 7,Mary M. McKay 8 andKimberly E. Hoagwood 7

5. Relative Strangers: The importance of social capital for marriage


Couples who meet on dating apps are more likely to divorce in early marriage, study finds

Randi Richardson

6. How a natural disaster can bring couples closer

7. The Art and Science of Family Dinner | Psychology Today Canada

Stephen Gray Wallace, Psychology Today

8. Healing the Family and Saving the Country

Katharine Cornell Gorka

Director, Civil Society and the American Dialogue

9. Does Insurance Cover Marriage Counseling?

Elizabeth Derickson, MSW, LCSW

10. To Those Who Can’t Imagine Parenting Without Alcohol

Post author: Doug Johnson


Bill Coffin
tag:billcoffin.org,2013:Post/1753033 2021-10-28T22:29:41Z 2021-10-28T22:29:42Z Candidates for IFS Friday Five
1. For Love or Money?

Why Partnered Young Adults Marry . . . or Don't


2. The State of Religion & Young People 2021: Navigating Uncertainty

3. The American family: 2021

4. How Parents and Children Can Learn Emotional Skills Together


5. Nearly a Third of Parents Spent Child Tax Credit on School Expenses

Parents With Young Children Used Child Tax Credit Payments for Child Care


6. Should Kids Take Mental Health Days?

When taking a break is helpful (and when it's not)

Rae Jacobson

7. The parenting problem the government can't fix

8. Toucan Together releases ‘Growing Module’ to help couples stay strong when facing challenges

9. The case for paid parental leave

10. Please Stop Looking for Your Soulmate

12. The married will soon be the minority

By Charles M. Blow


Bill Coffin
tag:billcoffin.org,2013:Post/1750511 2021-10-21T20:36:14Z 2021-10-21T20:36:14Z Candidates for IFS Friday Five
1. As Number of Student Parents Rises, So Does Need for Family-Friendly Housing on Campus

Rebecca Kelliher

Helen Shwe Hadani, Jennifer Vey, Shwetha Parvathy, and Kathy Hirsh-Pasek 

3. The divided state of our unions

Family formation in (post)COVID-19 America

American Enterprise Institute, Institute for Family Studies, Wheatley Institute


Highlights from the Second Meeting of the FRAMING Research Project’s Healthy Marriage Technical Work Group

Explore highlights from OPRE's second FRAMING Research Technical Workgroup, which brought together research and practice experts to discuss the future of healthy marriage and relationship education programming, research, and evaluation.

Read the Brief >

5. Hear from Dr. Mariana Falconier and Dr. Jinhee Kim, program creators, and project directors, about the TOGETHER Program

Kristina Scharp, University of Washington

7. Rising Share of U.S. Adults Are Living Without a Spouse or Partner


9. 10 Small Ways to Become a Better Listener

Marina Khidekel



Bill Coffin
tag:billcoffin.org,2013:Post/1747651 2021-10-14T20:49:32Z 2021-10-14T20:49:32Z Candidates for IFS Fridat Five
1. Family Engagement: Partnering With Families to Improve Child Welfare Outcomes

 Child Welfare Information Gateway

2. Call for Proposals for 2022 Groves Conference On Marriage and Family

Families as a Source of Strength, Healing & Hope

3. Understanding the Economic and Family Stability-Related Benefits of the Success Sequence and its Milestones


Understanding One-Year Impacts of MotherWise in Denver

5. The Hispanic population has quadrupled in the past four decades. It is also becoming more diverse


The US child population shrank by 1 million between 2010 and 2020

6. Navy families with special education needs were left alone; a new program aims to help


7. The U.S. Remarriage Rate, 2019: Trends and Geographic Variation by Gender

Leslie Reynolds

8. California Non-Profit Poised for Important Family Study

Healthy Relationships California

9. Marriage and the gender gap in college education

David J. Ayers

10. Can Our Nation's Churches Save Marriage—and the Family?

Lee Habeeb

11. Searching on campus? The marriage market effects of changing student sex ratios 

Nico Pestel

David Warsh, proprietor


Bill Coffin
tag:billcoffin.org,2013:Post/1745190 2021-10-07T23:28:05Z 2021-10-07T23:28:05Z Candidates for IFS Friday Five
1. Healthy Marriage and Relationship Education for Expectant and New Mothers: The One-Year Impacts of MotherWise

Understanding One-Year Impacts of MotherWise in Denver

Explore one-year impact findings of MotherWise, a healthy marriage and relationship education (HMRE) program designed to serve expectant and new mothers with low incomes in Denver, Colorado.

Read the Report >

2. Networking for Emerging Scholars: A Conversation with HMRE Researchers and Practitioners

Hosted by NCFR and the Marriage Strengthening Research and Dissemination Center

October 27, 2021 3:45pm - 5:15pm

3. 7th annual American Family Survey: COVID-19’s impact on family finances, relationships, and well-being

Tuesday, October 12, 2021 | 1:00 PM to 2:30 PM ET

4.  It takes a village 
 The case for family support in every community

  Nicola Smith


Levelling up begins at home: the urgent need to support relationships and families in post-pandemic Britain

5. Nearly half of older adults say bedroom life much better now than in their 30s!
Chris Melore

6. The National Marriage Project at UVa and the St. Anselm Institute were pleased to host Ross Douthat’s presentation, “The Home After the Plague: Family in post-Covid America” on September 22nd.

The recording for the event can be found here, as well as on the NMP web site.

Where is the American family headed as COVID finally seems to be lifting? On the one hand, the pandemic may have delivered yet another blow to an American family already reeling from dramatic declines in marriage and fertility. On the other hand, in the face of trauma and tragedy, people often develop a new appreciation for family, which could prime the nation for family renewal. Ross Douthat, New York Times columnist, will discuss the impact COVID has already had on marriage and family life, as well as the effect the pandemic is likely to have on the family in America in the coming years. He will also discuss how America’s family divides—by class, partisanship, and religion—are likely to be affected by the pandemic’s fallout.

Sponsored by the National Marriage Project at U.Va. and the St. Anselm Institute

7. Latino Parents Report Positive Co-parenting and Parent-Child Interactions that Vary by Gender and Nativity

8. The antipoverty, targeting, and labor supply effects of the proposed child tax credit expansion

9. The Reconciliation Bill More Than Doubles the EITC Marriage Penalty



10. Men Are Now More Likely to Be Single Than Women. It's Not a Good Sign



Bill Coffin
tag:billcoffin.org,2013:Post/1742064 2021-09-30T02:17:42Z 2021-09-30T02:17:42Z Candidates for IFS Friday Five
1. Trends in Relationship Formation and Stability in the United States: Dating, Cohabitation, Marriage, and Divorce

Kasey Eickmeyer, Paul Hemez, Wendy D. Manning, Susan L. Brown, and Karen Benjamin Guzzo

2. What we do and don't know about kindness

Claudia Hammond

3. Mental health of children and parents —a strong connection


Impact Findings from an Evaluation of a Healthy Marriage and Relationship Education Curriculum for High School Students

Explore this report from the Strengthening Relationship Education and Marriage Services (STREAMS) evaluation, which shares impact findings from delivering the Relationships Smarts PLUS(RQ+) Version 3.0 curriculum in two high schools in suburban Atlanta, Georgia. The impact study compared groups of students who were offered two different versions of the curriculum—the full 12-lesson, 18 hour version and a shortened 8-lesson, 12 hour version developed for this study—against a control group of students who were not offered any HMRE programming.

Read the Report >

5. Navigating family disputes takes willingness to listen

By Dan Holtz Leader-Telegram staff

6. What are "daddy issues" and how they can be harmful in today's society

By Claire Hoppe, claire.hoppe@iowastatedaily.com

7. Reconciliation Bill is an Assault on Marriage and Families


8. Married Couples Often Suffer Same Medical Problems, Study Finds

Michael Martin

9. Soldiers strengthen marriages on island Strong Bonds trips

Monica K. Guthrie
Special to U.S. Army Garrison Humphreys Public Affairs

10. The Problem of Marital Loneliness

By Agnes Callard

11. The Qualities Of Strong Families


Bill in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada

Bill Coffin
tag:billcoffin.org,2013:Post/1739231 2021-09-22T16:40:51Z 2021-09-22T16:40:51Z Candidates for IFS Friday Five
1. Family meals are more frequent, last longer during pandemic

 Chris Melore

2. Family love is the foundation of civilization

Kimberly Ells

3. Mapping America’s diversity with the 2020 census

William H. Frey

4. Explaining US income inequality by household demographics, 2020 update

Mark J. Perry

5. Research digesting why children, vegetables don’t always mix

by Chuck Green | CYFS

6. Deputy Directors, Research

Australian Institute of Family Studies

7. Caron shares 30 years of data in third edition of ‘The Sex Lives of College Students’

8. Hi, my name is...

You say your name thousands of times. What does it say about you?

By Fendi Wang

9. The week's best parenting advice


10. Educational decline among males puts institution of marriage at risk

11. What Experts On Kids’ Social And Emotional Health Are Overlooking

Natalie Wexler

12. Six Ways to Deal With Parental Burnout


13. Pat and I will be biking in Canada next week...

How Bicycling Along a Dusty Moroccan Country Road Helped Save My Marriage



Bill Coffin
tag:billcoffin.org,2013:Post/1736830 2021-09-16T22:04:38Z 2021-09-16T22:04:38Z Candidates for IFS Friday Five #390 (over the last 8 years)

Understanding How Healthy Marriage and Relationship Education Programs Can Approach Intimate Partner Violence with Spanish-Speaking Hispanic Participants

This new brief from the Responding to Intimate Violence in Relationship Programs (RIViR) project summarizes findings from a case study designed to gather initial information on approaches to intimate partner violence education, screening, and referrals among healthy marriage and relationship education programs serving Spanish-speaking Hispanic participants. 

Read the Brief >

‘We’ve got to get this right’: Army looks to improve base assignments for special needs families


READ MORE https://www.stripes.com/branches/army/2021-09-13/army-special-needs-families-base-assignments-care-education-2873245.html?

3. 5 Reasons You Need a Getaway Without Kids

4. Why “Fatherhood” is more than a movie

Daniel Clayton, opinions contributor

5. Science-Backed Tips for Maximizing Play Time With Kids

Brenna Hassinger-Das, assistant professor of psychology at Pace University-NYC, and Jennifer Zosh, professor of human development and family studies at Penn State Brandywine

6. Four in 10 young people fear having children due to climate crisis

Fiona Harvey

7. Pastoral Framework for Marriage and Family Life Ministry

Read the document here

9. Stop Waiting for Your Soul Mate

Love isn’t destiny. That’s what makes it so sweet.

By Arthur C. Brooks

10. Two-Thirds of Recent First-Time Fathers Took Time Off After Birth




Bill Coffin
tag:billcoffin.org,2013:Post/1733871 2021-09-09T21:12:16Z 2021-09-09T21:12:16Z Candidates for the IFS Friday Five
1. Call for Authors Spring 2022 Issue: A New “Normal”

2. Co-Regulation in Practice: Strategies for Practitioners Who Serve Youth Aged 14-24


Update: What We’re Learning About the Pandemic-Related Experiences of ACF Programs and the Children and Families they Serve

Nicole Deterding

3. Root of teen empathy begins with secure relationships at home, study finds

By Sarah Molano, CNN

4. The Ultimate Key to Vision, and Relationship

John Cuddeback

5. Braver Angels Helps Couples See Past Politics to Strengthen Their Relationships

Amber Brooks


Are you and a loved one struggling with your political differences? So many families have been divided by politics. Get help with your relationship from BA cofounder Dr. Bill Doherty.
💌 Apply for Helping Loved Ones Divided by Politics
✅ Sign up to Attend Helping Loved Ones Divided By Politics
Sept. 25 at 5 p.m. ET

6. 30 Days of MD: Interdependence Enhances Our Marriage

8. Why loneliness is increasing, and how to fight back


9. Films showing the reality of marriage

Caryn James

10. Does marriage protect mental health? Evidence from the COVID-19 pandemic

Clara E. Jace, Christos A. Makridis

11. Educated Women Increasingly Likely to Have 1st Baby Before Marriage

 Jill Rosen

12. Is marriage for white people? The US racial marriage divide

Dr Rauh, a University Lecturer at the Faculty of Economics at the University of Cambridge

The full paper by Elizabeth M. Caucutt, Nezih Guner, Christopher Rauh “Is Marriage for White People? Incarceration, Unemployment, and the Racial Marriage Divide” is available at: https://www.inet.econ.cam.ac.uk/research-papers/jiwp-abstracts?wp=2105

13 The Marriage Icon



Bill Coffin
tag:billcoffin.org,2013:Post/1731215 2021-09-02T22:28:25Z 2021-09-02T22:28:25Z Candidates for Friday Five
1. Study aims to provide insights into the dynamics and trajectories of distressed couples

Reviewed by Emily Henderson, B.Sc.

2. Kindness toward others can boost our own physical and mental health. Commit to 21 days of kindness this September with Born This Way Foundation’s #BeKind21 campaign

Zara Abrams


A pedagogy of kindness: the cornerstone for student learning and wellness

Fiona Rawle, University of Toronto Mississauga


New Series of Practice Briefs for Implementing Co-Regulation Strategies in Youth-Serving HMRE Programs

Explore our new series of practice briefs designed specifically for youth-serving programs. This actionable, illustrated series provides step-by-step instructions for implementing six evidence-informed and theory-based co-regulation strategies.

Read the Briefs >

4. Free parenting and relationship support across London

5. HMRE Evaluation Data Tool

6. Mind & Body: Marriage, City Living May Help When Heart Disease Strikes

Ernie Mundell and Robert Preidt, HealthDay Reporter

7. Handling Back-to-School Anxiety in a Pandemic

 Erin Digitale

8. Building Upon the Resilience of Hispanic Families During COVID-19

9. What Is a Convalidation Ceremony?

10. We studied 100 years of Australian fatherhood. This is how dads changed

Kate Murphy Alistair Thomson



Bill Coffin
tag:billcoffin.org,2013:Post/1728745 2021-08-26T22:51:47Z 2021-08-30T18:41:17Z Candidates for Friday Five
1. Center Coordinator, Center on Children and Families

2. Pick 1

Understanding How Court Practices and Court System Resources Relate to Judicial Decision-Making and Hearing Quality in Child Welfare Court Cases

A product of our Understanding Judicial Decision-Making and Hearing Quality in Child Welfare project, this brief describes research on court practices and court system resources that relate to judicial decision-making and hearing quality in child welfare court cases.

Read the Brief >


Using Adult Learning Theory in Healthy Marriage and Responsible Fatherhood Workshops

Explore this paper, which examines how adult learning theory might inform healthy marriage and responsible fatherhood (HMRF) programming so it can be more successful in supporting family well-being. The paper describes key principles of adult learning theory and suggests strategies based on these principles that HMRF programs can try to support participants’ engagement and learning. 

Read the Paper >


Strategies from Adult Learning Theory That Program Developers and Facilitators Can Use in Healthy Marriage and Responsible Fatherhood Workshops

This brief highlights five strategies based on adult learning theory that Healthy Marriage and Responsible Fatherhood (HMRF) program developers and facilitators can use to support participants’ engagement and learning, exploring specific ways programs can implement these strategies, along with concrete tips and examples.

Read the Brief >


3. How Dads Can Build a Network of Parenting Allies at Work

by Han-Son Lee and Hugh Wilson

4. Couples’ Daily Lives Study seeking participants

5. Pandemic prompts Sunday chicken roast revival as Aussie families rediscover sit-down meals

6. Parents want work-life balance, but they don’t agree on what it looks like

Lois M. Collins

7. Latest Figures Show China's Millennials Aren't The Marrying Kind

By Qiao Long and Chingman


China changes law to allow married couples to have up to three children

Nicole Acevedo

 and The Associated Press

8. Delay and Grandparenthood

Matt Bruenig

9. The staggering, exhausting, invisible costs of caring for America’s elderly

By Anne Helen Petersen

10. We will be attending our nieces' wedding on Sat. See https://time.com/6092329/covid-19-wedding-kids/ 



Bill Coffin
tag:billcoffin.org,2013:Post/1726267 2021-08-19T16:46:27Z 2021-08-30T18:42:25Z Candidates for Friday Five
1.Providing Healthy Marriage and Relationship Education Programs Virtually: Lessons from a Case Study of the ELEVATE Program in Florida


2. History and Implementation of the Federally Funded Healthy Marriage and Relationship Education (HMRE) Grants

Mindy Herman-Stahl, Mindy E. Scott, Kendy Cox, and Sharon Vaughn

3. ‘Let them be kids!’ Is ‘free-range’ parenting the key to healthier, happier children?
Bill Coffin
tag:billcoffin.org,2013:Post/1723639 2021-08-12T18:22:33Z 2021-08-30T18:43:18Z Candidates for Friday Five
1.  CoupleTalk Live

Marian O’Connor

3. Brazil-based research empowering vulnerable families, communities amid COVID-19

by Chuck Green | CYFS

4. More Money for Families

 Linda Boyer, Acting Commissioner, OCSE

5. A course for girls in preparation for marriage

Mildred V. Estes

6. Secrets To Working Together As Married Entrepreneurs

Neal Taparia

7. Wedding bells have to ring loud and long to make up for large pandemic decline

 Lois M. Collins

8. 7 Social Security Spousal Benefit Rules Every Married Couple Should Know

Robin Hartill

9. Unpaid caregivers: How America treats women caring for paralyzed partners

Amber Ferguson

10. Study: Wisconsin marriage penalties hurt families and businesses

By Gailon Totheroh



Bill Coffin
tag:billcoffin.org,2013:Post/1721028 2021-08-05T14:56:28Z 2021-08-30T18:44:48Z Candidates for Friday Five
1. The Push for Paid Family Leave Had Stalled in America. Then Men Bought In.


2.RECS 2022 Call for Proposals

3. Work-to-Family Conflict and Children’s Problems with School, Friends, and Health: Household Economic Conditions and Couple Relationship Quality as Contingencies

Lei Chai, Scott Schieman

4. What ‘gentle parenting’ can teach us about care, relationships, and communication


5. Financial Playbook for Married Couples -

6. EXTENDED DEADLINE: Apply for the 2021 MAST Center Graduate Internship Program

7. Launch of cross-sector group to help strengthen marriages and family relationships

Grace Yeoh

Bill Coffin
tag:billcoffin.org,2013:Post/1718651 2021-07-29T18:13:36Z 2021-08-30T18:46:06Z Candidates for Friday Five
1. Using Text Messages to Learn about Participants’ Experiences

2. This time, DoD wants to hear from every active duty military spouse

Karen Jowers


Field-Test New Protective Factors Survey to Help Military Families
A new survey which aims to measure protective factors among military families is seeking military and non-military participants for field-testing. The survey is an adaption of the Protective Factors Survey, 2nd edition (PFS-2), and is called the MPFS. While the tool is designed for military families, researchers need it tested by as many families as possible, including non-military families. The MPFS is anonymous and should take between 10-15 minutes to complete. Your participation will help researchers identify the best ways of supporting military families in the US and abroad. The survey was developed by Greentrike, in collaboration with FRIENDS National Center on Community-Based Child-Abuse Prevention and the University of Kansas Center for Public Partnerships and ResearchComplete survey here.

3. 36 Questions That Can Help Kids Make Friends

Jill Suttie


James White


7. When family stress is high, teen depression can follow


8. Professor Heidemarie Laurent shares tips on managing stress and building resilience

9. UArizona Psychologists Receive $2.9M to Study Neural Mechanisms of Emotions in Couples

10. Differences in Financial Risk Preferences Can Make or Break a Marriage

 Christine Clark

11. Marriage and Divorce Decline during the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Case Study of Five States

Wendy D. Manning and Krista K. Payne

12. All kids lie: How to handle it, and when you should worry

Connie Chang



Bill Coffin
tag:billcoffin.org,2013:Post/1716311 2021-07-22T22:13:59Z 2021-07-22T22:14:00Z Candidates for Friday Five
1. Building Upon the Resilience of Hispanic Families During COVID-19

Tue, Jul 27, 2021 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM EDT

National Research Center on Hispanic Children & Families

2. Both Sides of the Critical Race Theory Debate Are Abandoning Black Children | Opinion



Donna K. Ginther, Astrid L. Grasdal, Robert A. Pollak 


Learning About Hardships, Financial Strain and Social Support Among Parents with Children in Head Start from the FACES Fall 2019 Data Collection

This brief, using nationally representative data from the Head Start Family and Child Experiences Survey (FACES 2019), explores how families experience and perceive available resources and whether the measurement of constructs such as material hardship, financial strain, and social support provide better predictors of family and child well-being than measuring household income alone.

Read the Brief >



Learning About Head Start Children and Families from the FACES Fall 2019 Data Collection

This report provides a national picture of the children attending Head Start in fall 2019 and their families. It shares information about the Head Start Family and Child Experiences Survey (FACES) study, including the background, design, methodology, assessments, and analytic methods, as well as detailed descriptive statistics in a series of tables on children and their families.

Read the Report >

6. This is a reminder that the Call for Proposals for the Research and Evaluation Conference on Self-Sufficiency (RECS) 2022 is open!

Submitting a proposal for the first time or want a refresher?

Join OPRE for a virtual information session on Thursday, July 22 from 4:00–5:00 pm ET to hear more about the conference, conference tracks, proposal types, and tips for a successful proposal. After registering, you will receive a confirmation from no-reply@zoom.us and a calendar invitation from RECS@impaqint.com with the session login details. The information session will be recorded. Register Here

7. From like to love: Two-thirds of romantic couples start out as friends

OR the journal article

The Friends-to-Lovers Pathway to Romance: Prevalent, Preferred, and Overlooked by Science



9. One in five women say COVID impacted on plans for having children

By Jewel Topsfield

10. Relief Foundation provides marriage counseling to 222,000 youths

  • Key Programmatic Elements of Father Engagement to Promote Self-Sufficiency (KEEP Fathers Engaged)


  • https://aspe.hhs.gov/key-programmatic-elements-father-engagement-promote-self-sufficiency-keep-fathers-engaged

  • 12. 
  • China making marriage easier, divorce harder


    13. What introverts married to extroverts need to know

    Mitchell Qualls



    Bill Coffin
    tag:billcoffin.org,2013:Post/1713890 2021-07-15T21:31:50Z 2021-07-15T21:31:51Z Candidates for Friday Five
    1. Request for public comment re Title IV-E Prevention Services Clearinghouse Handbook of Standards and Procedures

    A Notice by the Children and Families Administration, HHS

    2. 2021 NARME SUMMIT

    San Antonio, Texas, July 21 – 23 – NARME Summit

    3. The state of American friendship: Change, challenges, and loss

    Daniel A. Cox

    5. Leading Fatherhood Organization Lights a FLAME in Inland Empire, CA

    By Healthy Relationships California

    7. Most Marriages Survive a Spouse's Brain Injury
    Cara Murez, HealthDay Reporter

    9. What Happened to Peanut Butter and Jelly?
    Ashawnta Jackson

    10. Exploring Census Data: How Americans Spend Leisure Time

    Thursday, July 22, 2021 Time: 2:00 - 3:30 p.m. (ET)

    11. ‘The Way We Are Now 2021’ report from eharmony and Relate 

    12. Learn how to run The Marriage Course online or in person!

    Date: Wednesday, July 21

    Time: 11:00 am - 12:00 pm CT (12:00 p.m. ET, 10:00 a.m. MT, 9:00 a.m. PT)

    BTW, speaking of courses/programs, this week marks the 31st anniversary of the first Navy PREP training https://prepinc.com/


    Bill Coffin
    tag:billcoffin.org,2013:Post/1711731 2021-07-08T19:28:20Z 2021-07-08T19:28:20Z Candidates for Friday Five
    1. Research and Evaluation Conference on Self-Sufficiency (RECS) 2022 Call for Proposals


    Promising Practices for Strengthening Families Affected by Parental Incarceration: A Review of the Literature

    2. American men suffer a friendship recession

    Daniel A. Cox | National Review

    3. Love: How the feeling of power determines happy relationships

    Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg via ScienceDaily

    4.Effect of a Universal Postpartum Nurse Home Visiting Program on Child Maltreatment and Emergency Medical Care at 5 Years of Age
    A Randomized Clinical Trial

    W. Benjamin Goodman, PhD1; Kenneth A. Dodge, PhD1; Yu Bai, PhD1; et al

    5. Premarital and Couples: “Marriage is not just spiritual communion . . .

    Chandrama Anderson

    6. High Rollers and spouses attend Strong Bonds Marriage Retreat

     Senior Master Sgt. Paula Macomber

    7. The Ideal Job-Seeker Norm: Unemployment and Marital Privileges in the Professional Middle-Class

    Aliya Hamid Rao

    8. Adjunct - Marriage and Family - Online - College of Humanities and Social Sciences

    Job Description

    Make a Difference at Grand Canyon University


    National Marriage Week USA Executive Director Job Description

    9. The Longest Presidential Marriage In U.S. History Turns 75 Today


    10. Lean In and Listen Up: How Can We Strengthen North Carolina’s Early Intervention, Early Childhood, and Mental Health Services?

    NC Child

    11. Help for loved ones divided over politics


    Bill Coffin
    tag:billcoffin.org,2013:Post/1709408 2021-07-01T17:13:09Z 2021-07-01T17:13:10Z Candidates for Friday Five
    1. CALL FOR APPLICATIONS: 2021 MAST Center Small Grant Program

    2. Work-to-Family Conflict and Children’s Problems with School, Friends, and Health: Household Economic Conditions and Couple Relationship Quality as Contingencies

    3.  Parental Relationships Spectrum*

    4. The difference a father makes

     Mona Charen

    5. Family Research Council Welcomes Jennifer Bauwens as Director of the Center for Family Studies, Releases New Publication on Ethical Principles for the Helping Profession

    6. Intimacy Anorexia and how to handle it in marriage

    Mitchell Qualls

    7. On Marriage and Divorce (Part 2)

    Paul Skallas

    8. How to Help Your Marriage Last

    9. Enduring qualities of spouses shape behavioral interactions, predict relationship satisfaction

    by Bob Yirka , Medical Xpress

    10. 10 fun things to do to celebrate your anniversary



    Bill Coffin
    tag:billcoffin.org,2013:Post/1706599 2021-06-24T00:57:35Z 2021-06-24T00:57:35Z Candidates for Friday Five
    1. Kids Count Data Book 2021: State Trends in Child Well-Being: 

    podcast iconEpisode 54: Howard Markman and Scott Stanley

    Howard Markman and Scott Stanley are internationally recognized researchers who have authored over 100 publications and whose work has spanned over four decades. During this episode, they talk about their many years of collaboration including the development of the PREP® curricula for relationship ...


    3.Unhappy marriages can be fatal, increasing male death rate by 19%: Israeli study


    Perceiving marriage as successful may help husbands live longer

    Nancy Clanton, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

    4. How gender norms and job loss affect relationship status
    Michele W. Berger

    5. The surprising history of home economics, from industry to diplomacy
    Rachel Newcomb

    6. Parents may underestimate impact of involving adolescent children in conflicts

    Sara P. Brennen


    7. The Most Effective Way to Thank Your Significant Other
    Paul Nicolaus, The Atlantic

    8. Perspective: I grew up with an absent father. Now I’m especially grateful for Father’s Day

    By Bethany Mandel

    9. The GOP Needs To Become Invested In Family Policy

    JUNE 18, 2021 By The Federalist Staff

    10. Forget race or class, marriage is the big social divide
    Edward Davies

    11. On Marriage and Divorce (Part 1) The Divorce Wave

    12. Improved couple satisfaction and communication with marriage and relationship programs: are there gender differences?-a systematic review and meta-analysis

    Zeinab Javadivala 1, Hamid Allahverdipour 2, Mohammad Asghari Jafarabadi 3 4, Somaye Azimi 5, Neda Gilani 6, Vijay Kumar Chattu 7


    13. Be prepared for the challenges of marriage



    14. Median Age at First Marriage: Geographic Variation, 2019 

    Author: Krista K. Payne



    What Do the Left and Right Get Wrong About Family Policy?

    An online event at 7pm ET on Thursday, June 24 hosted by Michael Toscano and featuring Christine Emba, Leah Libresco Sargeant, and Joe Waters.



    Bill Coffin
    tag:billcoffin.org,2013:Post/1704594 2021-06-17T23:28:32Z 2021-06-17T23:28:33Z Candidates for Friday Five
    1. At 100 years old, Edmund Gordon thinks the key to schooling starts at home

     Laura Meckler, Washington Post

    2. How a Father’s Love Helps Kids Thrive in Life

    By Maryam Abdullah

    3. Honoring Fathers by Elevating Their Voices, Leveraging their Strengths, and Embracing their Diversity

     Katie Pahigiannis, Pooja Gupta Curtin

    4. Redefining the ‘feminist dad’

    Naomi Schaefer Riley | Deseret News

    5. Having Cross-political Relationships Might Not Always Be Beneficial

     Elena Buliga, Cara C. MacInnis, Gordon Hodson, Julia Biamonte

    6. No-Fault Divorce Is Not the Right Way to Achieve “Therapeutic Justice”

    7. Husbands who don’t help out with household chores more likely to have higher incomes

    John Anderer

    8.  JOB DESCRIPTION President/CEO First Things First Chattanooga, TN

    9. Marriage and Journaling

    Robin N. Fatovic M.S.

    10. Kelly Maxwell Haer Named Executive Director of the Boone Center for the Family at Pepperdine University

    11. does cohabitation compensate for marriage decline?

    by Wendy D. Manning, Susan L. Brown, and Krista K. Payne


    Posted byRachael Hoagland

    13. Want a Stronger Marriage? Be Sure You Agree About the In-Laws

    Thanks for what you do Alysse! Congrats on 5 years at IFS!


    Bill Coffin