Candidates for Friday Five

1. Published in Personal Relationships.
Hurt, Tera R., Shears, Jeffrey K., Oconnor, Margaret C. & Hodge, Sharon, B. (2017). "Married Black men's observation of fathers' teachings about husbandhood." Personal Relationships, 2017; doi: 10.1111/pere.12171

2. Surveying the Cultural and Economic Sources of America's Discontent

Jennifer A. Marshall@MarshallJenA

3. Parents’ social media habits are teaching children the wrong lessons

Stacey Steinberg

4. Auburn study: Black Americans sleep less than whites, leading to health problems

William Thornton
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5. Grad Student Research on Unfaithful Millennials Garners National Coverage

6. Talking baseball assists aging adults with dementia

Kenneth Best

7. New rules for Muslim minors who want to wed

Charissa Yong

8. Manatee County offers free course to help improve couples’ relationships


9. Half of those thinking of divorce reconsider a year later: University of Alberta study

10. The places where people put off marriage the longest

Dan Kopf 


You're Doomed to a Love/Hate Relationship With Your Siblings

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