Candidates for Friday Five

1. Fatherhood: the impact of fathers on children’s mental health 

2. Be worried about boys, especially baby boys

3. Charity report shows an increase in the number of people with no close friends

4. The ‘Troops’ Who Support Our Troops

 Katherine Harris |


Keeping a healthy marriage healthy

By Airmen 1st Class Victoria Boyton, Kenneth Boyton,

5. A millennial takes on marriage

Kristin Eck

6. User guide to marriage statistics

Nicola Haines

Policy and Research Challenges in Advancing Care and Support for People with Mental Illnesses and Substance Use Disorders

Tuesday, March 21, 2017 2:00 pm 

8. 20 Outstanding Books on Emotional Intelligence That Could Change The World (2017 Update)

the scientific study of families &
close interpersonal relationships

10. Determined 'Millenials' Prioritise Money Over Marriage


Survey: 58% of Pinays would delay marriage for career

11. Sex Scandal: The Drive to Abolish Male and Female


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