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Kay Reed
Relationship Smarts PLUS
Wins Association of American Publishers Award
Berkeley, CA--June 30, 2014—The Dibble Institute is pleased to announce that Relationship Smarts PLUS has won the prestigious 2014 Revere Award for Distinguished Achievement in the supplementary life skills and character education category from the Association of American Publishers (AAP). This is the fourth Distinguished Achievement Award earned by a Dibble program since 2009.
Judges comments included, “Wow! This curriculum beautifully, honestly and realistically explains the relationship process in easy to understand and remember terms. It not only engages (teens) in building their critical thinking skills and goal setting, but it also hits all the important points of current teen life.”
Relationship Smarts PLUS is listed in the National Registry of Evidence Based Programs and Practices (NREPP). In 2005 the program was selected for a 5-year, million dollar federal evaluation study at Auburn University. During the study, author, Marline Pearson and researcher, Jennifer Kerpelman, Ph.D. worked and reworked Relationship Smarts PLUS based on student results and teacher comments to focus in on the essential messages and the most effective ways to deliver them.
Outcomes from the study indicate that young people who participated in the Relationship Smarts PLUS program were more knowledgeable about what was and was not healthy in relationships, held more realistic relationship beliefs, had improved conflict management skills, and expressed an increased openness to taking relationship education classes in the future.
In the Distinguished Achievement Awards (DAAs), entries are subject to a rigorous judging process consisting of three rounds of review by teachers and leading experts throughout the industry. Three key principles--quality content, age appropriateness, and innovation--drive the judging criteria and evaluation process. The semi-finalists in the Life Skills and Character Education Resources were Emotional ABC’s and Sesame Workshop.
Since 2009, Dibble Institute’s programs have received four Distinguished Achievement Awards; Relationship Smarts PLUS (first edition) - 2009; Healthy Choices, Healthy Relationships - 2010, Things to Know Before You Say Go Activity Book – 2012, and Relationship Smarts PLUS (revision) - 2014.
The Dibble Institute has been publishing evidence based, best practices, evaluated programs relationship skills programs since 1996. Their highly acclaimed curricula are used in all 50 states and around the world in settings ranging from public schools to juvenile detention facilities and from after-school programs to pregnancy prevention efforts.
“Our mission at The Dibble Institute is to help young people learn how to navigate their romantic lives,” Kay Reed, Executive Director, explained. “We know from our research that teens who participate in these programs are more likely to resolve conflicts non-violently and more likely to know how to build a healthy relationship. We so appreciate the AAP distinguished panel of educators’ awareness of the relevance and pertinence of our publications.”
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