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If you're looking for the perfect gift, we've got you covered!
One of the valuable benefits to you as a member of Better Marriages is the ability to give a free gift membership to a new couple.

The membership is for one year and is only for new members - not for renewals or current members.

Who do you know that would benefit?
The Couple’s Conversation Basket contains 54 questions. Questions are written to encourage couples to share their personal thoughts and feelings and communicate on a more intimate level; therefore, enhancing almost any couple’s relationship.
Not just for weddings, this package includes a wealth of great materials for couples to continue to grow in their relationship.

Includes a one-year membership in Better Marriages.
This book helps build skills and rekindle the sparks that brought couples together in the first place. Each page contains a daily themed passage with suggestions for couple conversations. Connect as you explore topics relevant to your couple growth and relational health.
We all experience busy schedules and time and energy restraints. Every couple needs more time to talk together. 

Fifty-two conversations make it easy to share with each other and open new doors to intimacy.

Skills and ideas from a 60 year, successful, happy, sexy, marriage.

It’s about making your relationship work well so that you both feel connected, loved, and supported.

Shop and Give
Shop at smile.amazon.com (the same Amazon you know and love) and Amazon will give .5% of your purchase price to Better Marriages!

Please select Better Marriages National as your charity of choice.
Give in Someone's Honor
A donation to Better Marriages is a wonderful way to honor an individual or couple.

Donate by December 31 and claim as a tax-deduction on 2018 taxes.

  • Donate online
  • Send a check to PO Box 21374, Winston-Salem NC 27120
  • Call with credit card information: 800-634-8325
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