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Your Brain on Gratitude | Why Sex Is So Good for Your Relationship
August 9, 2017
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By Glenn Fox
New research shows that feeling grateful involves the brain networks associated with social bonding and stress relief. 
By Susan Krauss Whitbourne
Find out what the happiness difference is between couples who have sex once a week vs. less than once a month.
By Tchiki Davis
Are you starting your happiness journey? Here are some tips for how to get off on the right foot.
By Belinda Campos
American society would be stronger and safer if it embraced people of all ethnicities.
By Jenn Director Knudsen
According to a new study, children who live with parents with a sensory disability develop greater emotional skills.
Greater Good in Action: Practice of the Week
Fighting and arguing can introduce a lot of negativity into romantic relationship. But there are ways to make arguments emotionally easier and this exercise from Greater Good in Action can help.
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