Candidates for Friday Five

1. Most Massachusetts families’ household income is below average. Yes, we did the math

Evan Horowitz GLOBE STAFF


3.For a Happy Life, Love Your Spouse More Than Your Kids, Says One Marriage Counselor

4.  Teaching Kids Gratitude

5.   Marriage gets better with time

Harry Benson, Marriage Foundation


Parental conflict initiative to be trialled in 30 areas

By Joe Lepper

6.  Families are the real wealth of nations


7.  Executive Order on the Establishment of a White House Faith and Opportunity Initiative

8. Why Do I End Up Feeling Used After A Hookup?


9. Marriage and Sexuality in Early Christianity

2018 - David G. Hunter

10.   The decision to reject marriage but embrace the financial decisions a married couple would make together — like buying a house or combining finances — can prove tragic in separation.

Kylie Moore

11. A millennial talks marriage
  • By Shelbie Harris

12.   South Korea is fighting its low birth rate with a marriage class for singles

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