Candidates for Friday Five

 1. Communication-Skills-Based Job Prep Program Boosts Confidence In Nailing The Interview

2.   Opening Lines of Communication: Asking Financial Questions before Marriage

Carol Church & David Lee Sexton, Jr.

3.   Close ties with fathers help daughters overcome loneliness

The Ohio State University


Good Fathers Are Vital For Optimal Child Development – Report


Playing with dad could make a big difference in  school

Pallavi Singhal

4. Alabama’s Parenting Assistance Line (PAL) helps parents and caregivers across Birmingham

Patience Itson

5.   Is Conflict With Your Spouse Undermining Your Health?

Michael O. Schroeder, Staff Writer

6. Marriage protects against malnutrition in old age

7.   In Sickness and in Health: Marriage and Chronic Illness

Marisa Zeppieri

8.  Falling marriage rates of young adults

Chang Se-moon

9.  How Not to Be a Helicopter Parent

By Mark Bertin

Parents can help their children most by getting back to the basics and not trying to solve everything.

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How to Raise a Kid with a Conscience in the Digital Age

By Caroline Knorr

Nudge kids to be their best selves by encouraging them to consume positive, inspiring media and online content.

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10.   Highlights and Resources from The Power of Family Mealtimes: Strategies to Promote Health and Wellbeing



The Distance Between Two Hearts: Veteran Parenting Training

Bari Sobelson, MS, LMFT

11. Cartoons: The Funny Thing About Marriage…

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