Candidates for Friday Five

1. Our Conjugal Class Divide

Kay Hymowitz

2. Building Staff Co-Regulation to Support Healthy Relationships in Youth: A Guide for Practitioners

3. Netflix series asks couples with up to $35,000 saved: ‘Marriage or Mortgage’? You know where I stand.

Michelle Singletary

4. Chinese Official Proposes Government ‘Training’ Prior to Marriage



Lawmaker suggests making relationship and marriage education a compulsory course in universities

Chen Xi

5. Christians and the Future of Marriage: A Conversation with Sociologist Mark Regnerus

6. When a Woman Says Yes

John Cuddeback

7. We know the pandemic is affecting working moms—but how is that affecting kids?


8. Budget debate: New programme to help families and couples with marital woes

Theresa Tan

9. In a happy, long-lasting relationship? That could help you live a healthy and long life.

Marta Zaraska

10. The lost year: What the pandemic costs teenagers.

 Alec MacGillis in Pro Publica