Candidates for Friday Five

1. Parents and Children Together: Effects of Two Healthy Marriage Programs for Low-Income Couples

2.  Working with Asian American Individuals, Couples, and Families Webinar
Thursday, June 14, 2018 2:00:00 PM EDT

3.  Put a ring on it? Millennial couples are in no hurry


4. Criteria for Evidence of Effectiveness To Be Applied to Projects Identified for Inclusion in the What Works Clearinghouse of Proven and Promising Projects To Move Welfare Recipients Into Work

5.   One Big Happy "Blended Family:" Tips to Help Fathers Co-Parent Effectively

 Anna McKittrick, ICF, and Eugene Schneeberg, ICF

6.  In the #MeToo Era, Raising Boys to Be Good Guys

David McGlynn

7. Quarter of married and cohabiting Britons are in the dark over partner’s finances

Kate Hughes Money Editor

8. Latest PACT Report Provides Great Advice for Fatherhood Programs

Christopher A. Brown

9.  Spotlight: Australia's been in a baby-making slowdown since 1976

Greg Callaghan

10.  I Married a Millennial. I Married a Gen Xer. Now What?

Brooke Lea Foster

11.  How to Repair the National Marriage

By David Brooks

12. Marriage educators national gathering

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