Candidates for Friday Five

1. ‘The Femsplainers’: Season 6, Episode 11: Love in the time of coronavirus

2. Virtual Meetings for Couples Offer Tips, Strategies to Cope with COVID-19

AJ Taylor  


Over 50 Webinars and Dozens of Conference Sessions Free Through June 30

To support the professional activities of family researchers and practitioners during this unprecedented time, NCFR has opened access to digital content previously only available to NCFR members.

Now through June 30, these on-demand webinars and past conference sessions are free to everyone through the NCFR website:

5. Free Mind Matters Online Series

6. Incoming Podcast: Army Veteran And Author Kayla Williams On War And Marriage After War

Justin Hudnall


7. Administration for Children and Families Assistant Secretary Interview at Fathers & Families Coalition of America Conference

8. How to keep quarantine from ruining your marriage

Carol Bruess

9. Marital Interventions: Participation, Helpfulness, and Change in a Nationally Representative Sample

Thomas Jack Esplin White Stephen F. Duncan Jeremy B. Yorgason Spencer L. James Erin K. Holmes

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