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Fathers learn to relate to their children through CA R3 Academy classes


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Why Stinky Socks May Bother Women More Than Men


4. Parents Building Trust Through Emotional Intelligence

5. U.S. Commission on Evidence-Based Policymaking Releases Report

6.      A Manifesto to strengthen Families

More than 50 Tory MPs and peers are calling on the government to create a cabinet-level families minister post to better co-ordinate family policy across departments. The group, of 44 MPs and eight peers, including former Education Secretary Nicky Morgan, ex-Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith and former children's minister Tim Loughton, also wants a senior minister in all government departments to measure how policies impact on families.


The group's Strengthening Families Manifesto wants to see a future Families Secretary's cross-governmental brief added to an existing cabinet post, such as Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, and backed by its own budget and civil service team. ​

State-Led Evaluations of Family Engagement: The Maternal, Infant, and Early Childhood Home Visiting Program

Penn State’s 25th Annual Symposium on Family Issues to be held Oct. 23-24

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New research says this kind of daily prayer can change your marriage
Calah Alexander

How Do Close Relationships Lead to Longer Life?

Technical Specialist – Healthy Marriage and
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