Candidates for Friday Five

1. Webinar: Supporting Parents of Children with Special Needs

2. This is a major (and insane) reason why Millennials and Gen Z are reluctant to get married

CW Headley

3. Resident Single Parents: Mothers & Fathers

Bowling Green State University  National Center for Family & Marriage Research (NCFMR)  


Pat Fagan, Ph.D.  


5. Modification to the Secondary Analyses of Strengthening Families Datasets Funding Opportunity Announcement


Home Visiting Evidence of Effectiveness


Using Data to Understand Your Program

6. Taking Account of Different Relationship-Belief Patterns in Relationship Education

By Sarah Hokanson

7. Guest Op-ed: Couples get discount for pre-marital education

By Paul Schvaneveldt

8. How Many People Like You Are Married? 

CHASE at Overflow Data  

9. (or save for next week?

Can we strengthen marriage? Lessons from the Culture of Freedom Initiative in Jacksonville, Florida

10. Farm Family Stressors: Private Problems, Public Issue
by Bonnie Braun, Ph.D.


Is There a Fatherhood Wage Premium? A Reassessment in Societies With Strong Male‐Breadwinner Legacies

11. Marriage: The Best Health Supplement of All

Anne Gagliano 

12. First Things First: What women are looking for in a mate

Julie Baumgardner