Candidates for Friday Five # 449

1. Marriage & Manliness in Tolstoy’s “Anna Karenina”

Scott Yenor

2. How Family Background Influences Student Achievement

Can schools narrow the gap?

By Anna J. Egalite

3. Participate in a Couples Study

The Family Institute at Northwestern University

4. Making Family Hubs accessible for parents with disabilities

5. How to Be Patient in a Relationship (60+ Ways to Improve)

6. Military Families Are Facing Their Own Housing Crisis

Kimberly Gladden-Eversley, CNET

8. 3 Big Blind Spots We Have About Love

9. Nixon’s Plan to Fight Poverty and Promote Marriage

10. Countering Marriage Myths

11. International Marriage Friendship Club: The Last Gathering

By David Yamaguchi

12. When the classroom is in the basement: More Black families in Pittsburgh embrace the choice of home education

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