Candidates for Friday Five

Aug 2019 | Francesca Adler-Baeder, Julianne McGill, Ami Landers, Rachel Odomes, Alexander, Chan, Sallye Longshore, Nancy Buckner & Faye Nelson

2.  Love In An Age Of Information Overload


3. 8 Must-read marriage blogs

Dr. John Van Epp and Dr. Morgan Cutlip 

4. What fifty years of no-fault divorce has gotten us

5. Growing old and back in the ‘bouncy house,’ more grandparents are raising grandkids

By Robert Weisman

6. Male violence: early childhood development predictors
Research by Paul Golding and Hiram E. Fitzgerald  

7. How do social and emotional skills develop in youth?

Helyn Kim and Katherine M. Ross

8. Research and Evaluation Capacity Building: A Resource Guide for Child Care and Development Fund Lead Agencies (Revised 2019)

9. First Things First: What people are thinking about marriage

 Julie Baumgardner 

10.  Texas Tech professor says parent involvement linked to student success in the classroom
Katie Main