Candidates for IFS Friday Five 500

1. Why a growing number of American men say they are in a ‘friendship recession’

2. The Growing Ignorance of the Benefits of Marriage—and Why It’s Dangerous

Rachel Sheffield

3. The Couple Who Fell in Love in a Nazi Death Camp

Keren Blankfeld

4. Does your ‘love language’ really matter? Scientists are skeptical.

By Richard Sima,WAPO


Using the Love Languages Successfully

in Your Marriage

Amberly Lambertsen

January 25 @ 6-7 pm MST

5. Love vs. Politics: How News Coverage Triggers Fights in Divided Couples

by John Anderer

6. Why families will look radically different by 2100

Ross Pomeroy

7. The 2024 National Marriage Week theme is "Love Beyond Words"

9. Mortality rates among rural US residents vary based on race, ethnicity, region

Aaron Wagner, PSU

10. Building a Successful Intercultural Marriage and Family

11. Sunday Edition: Brad Wilcox

12. Marriage Market and Labor Market Sorting

Paula Calvo, Arizona State University, Ilse Lindenlaub, Yale University, and Ana Reynoso, University of Michigan

13. Data Gem: Use Our International Database to Visualize and Compare International Demographic Trends