Candidates for IFS Friday Five

1. How to Manage Holidays When a Family Member Has BPD

2.  Grounds for Divorce: The Dynamics of Marriage Satisfaction as a Predictor of Divorce

 Mieczysław Plopa1 ,Wojciech Plopa1 , and Anna Skuzińska2

3. Urban Advantage for Careers, Rural Edge for Marriage: A Study on South Korean Young Adults

4. How to Change Your Marriage Mindset

5. Helping Vulnerable Moms and Families: How Do We Get to Bipartisan Support?

Lauretta Brown

6 Marriage Rate in the U.S.: Geographic Variation, 2022

Author: Jaden Loo

7. How to Talk With Kids About the War in Gaza and Israel  



Helping Kids Work Through the Fear and Consequences of Global Violence

8. Greek PM Declares 'National Danger' Over Birth Decline

9. English bishop claims marriage ‘disappearing in Britain’

Charles Collins

10. For relationship maintenance, accurate perception of partner's behavior could be key