Candidates for Friday Five

1. Children’s well-being indicator review, UK: 2020

2. Impacts of family structure on puberty onset in girls

by BioMed Central

3. Relationship stress and COVID top military family counseling needs

by Abraham Mahshie

4. Focusing on the family: policy issues in the Covid-19 era

Sue Shortland

5. The gap between the partisan couples is wider than ever.


6. 12 Questions to Ask Your Partner Before Marriage

by Léa Rose Emery

7. Love and marriage in the time of the Coronavirus

 by Shmuely Boteach

8. How Does an Economist View the Marriage Market?

Kristie Engemann

9. U.S. Marriage and Divorce Rates by State: 2009 & 2019


Coupled Households in the United States

10. IZA DP No. 13811: Who Married, (to) Whom, and Where? Trends in Marriage in the United States, 1850-1940

Claudia Olivetti, M. Daniele Paserman, Laura Salisbury, E. Anna Weber


11. First Things First: How to agree to disagree with your spouse

Julie Baumgardner

12. November Is National Adoption Month: Engaging Youth Voice in Permanency Planning

Jerry Milner, Associate Commissioner, Children’s Bureau  

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