Candidates for Friday Five

1. Call for Papers - ‘Transitions into Parenthood: Childbearing, Childrearing, and the Changing Nature of Parenting’


Call for Feedback: How the American Community Survey Collects Information


3 NCFR Members Recognized for Excellence in Research on Military and Veteran Families

2. Two Surprising Ways to Make Your Holidays Less Stressful

By Christine Carter  


Protecting your marriage during the holidays

Angela Davis, Julie Siple, Manda Lillie

3. Bush had ‘storybook’ marriage

Michael Graczyk, Associated Press


Dec. 11th Roundtable Discussion 

Improving Children's Health and Well-being through Private Sector Investments

5. Fatherhood Program Participants with Higher Dosage Levels Show Stronger Positive Outcomes

Jessica Pearson, Jay Fagan and Rebecca Kaufman


Who’s the bloke in the room?
Fathers during pregnancy and at the birth in the UK

6.Good News about Innovative Delivery of Brief RE Programs

Alan J. Hawkins

7.  Michael Spezio and Team Find Humility is Key to Flourishing Communities and Functioning Democracy

8. Live the Life: Marriage enrichment nonprofit helps save relationships, reduce Duval divorce rate
Beth Reese Cravey

9. The Father Factor: A Critical Link in Building Strong Families and Communities


10. TANF reform on the congressional radar

11. Child Support Cooperation Requirements in Child Care Subsidy Programs and SNAP: Key Policy Considerations

Rebekah Selekman and Pamela Holcomb

Emmie Martin 

13. Stanford Marriage Pact takes second stab at mastering love algorithm