Candidates for IFS Friday Five

1.  Love in the aisles 

From rings and flowers to food and honeymoons, Costco has your wedding plans covered.

  ed. by Wendy Helfenbaum  

2. How to babyproof your relationship

You installed your socket covers. Now you have to protect your partnership.

3. Advancing Primary Prevention in Human Services: Convening Findings

 Lauren Akers, Jennifer Tippins, Susan Hauan, and Miranda Lynch-Smith


22nd Welfare Indicators and Risk Factors Report to Congress

4. Kissing Is At Least 1,000 Years Older Than We Thought

Kissing may seem natural, but it remains unclear whether it’s a universal human act or a cultural one.


5. Persistent Poverty in Counties and Census Tracts

Craig Benson, Alemayehu Bishaw, Brian Glassman

6. As a Therapist, I Know What’s Breaking Couples Up

How relationships come to an end and the scourge of the smartphone

7. Low sexual satisfaction linked to memory decline later in life, study finds

Adrienne Berard

8. Enduring Marriage: The Reason Behind Wedding Season

9. Does a longer sexual resume affect marriage rates?

Nicholas H Wolfinger 1, Samuel L Perry 

10. Helping mental health and marriage