Candidates for Friday Five

1. Tips and Tools for Online Presentations and other NCFR resources

2.  Family Policy and Complex Contemporary Families: A Decade in Review and Implications for the Next Decade of Research and Policy Practice

3.Resources for children on COVID-19 and staying healthy


3 Tips For Talking To Kids About Coronavirus And The National Shutdown

Frederick Hess


4. Preventing and Addressing Intimate Violence when Engaging Dads (PAIVED): Challenges, Successes, and Promising Practices from Responsible Fatherhood Programs

5.  How School Closures Can Strengthen Your Family

 Christine Carter


Realistic ways for parents and families to cope with being stuck at home


6. Social Distancing Gone Wrong: Couples in Corona Crisis


8. Berlin 2020: Helping Families through Separation and Divorce: Collaboration, not Confrontation, in Social Plurality

66th ICCFR Conference

Date: 29-30 October 2020 in Berlin

9. Marriage Is What Brings Us 6 Feet Apart

10. Welcome to Marriage During the Coronavirus

Remember: Both of you are right.

 Jennifer Senior

11. Getting sick of your screen? Try these 11 family-friendly board games