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News from the Fatherhood Research & Practice Network
News from the Fatherhood Research & Practice Network
The FRPN seeks to:
  • Promote rigorous evaluation of fatherhood programs.
  • Expand the number of researchers and practitioners collaborating to evaluate these programs.
  • Disseminate information that leads to effective fatherhood practice and evaluation research.

FRPN Funding Awarded
We are excited to announce that the FRPN has selected our first group of funded projects, which will receive a total of $350,000. All four projects involve randomized controlled trials (RCTs); are led by researcher/practitioner teams; and involve the collection of data from program participants and/or staff at pre- and post-program time points to assess changes in father-child relationships and co-parenting. The teams and their funded projects include:
  1. Dr. Bright Sarfo and Mr. Joseph Jones (Center for Urban Families, Baltimore, MD). An RCT of the Developing All Dads for Manhood and Parenting (DAD MAP) fatherhood curriculum, a facilitated 16-session program.

  2. Dr. Paul Lanier (University of North Carolina) and Ms. Patricia Beier (Wayne Action Group for Economic Solvency, WAGES, Goldsboro, NC). An RCT of Circle of Parents, a mutual-aid program that uses a peer-support group format.

  3. Dr. Jennifer Bellamy (University of Denver, School of Social Work) with Metropolitan Family Services, Chicago, IL. An augmentation of a larger RCT of Dads Matter, a fatherhood intervention in home visiting settings, with a focus on the role of the home visitor.

  4. Dr. Young Il-Kim (Baylor University, Institute for Studies of Religion) and Dr. Brenda Oyer (The Ridge Project, Inc., Bowling Green, OH). An RCT of TYRO Dads, a facilitated, five-week, fatherhood program operated at 11 sites in Ohio.

The FRPN will solicit proposals for a new round of funding to conduct rigorous evaluations of fatherhood programs in spring 2015. Visit www.FRPN.org to view a full description of the funded projects.
FRPN Website Updates

The FRPN website provides a wealth of resources to assist fatherhood practitioners and researchers in evaluating fatherhood programs. We have recently made numerous updates to the FRPN website that we want to draw your attention to.

FRPN Research Video Series
The FRPN has created an online video series with corresponding measures for use in fatherhood programs. Our first two videos and measures focus on measuring father-child contact and challenges that may impact paternal engagement. Click here to view the research videos.

Public Use Data Sets
As the responsible fatherhood field grows, more large-scale studies are including data on fathers. Many of these data have yet to be analyzed and because they are classified as public use, are free to download and use. The FRPN has compiled a list of relevant public use data sets that contain fatherhood statistics/information and posted brief descriptions of each on this page of our website.

Upcoming Events
Interested in attending a fatherhood or family-focused conference or training event? The new Upcoming Events page on the FRPN website provides a full list of these types of events that may be of interest to both fatherhood practitioners and researchers. Visit this link to view the latest events.

Contact Us to Learn More
FRPN Co-Director Jay Fagan, PhD | Professor, Temple University School of Social Work

FRPN Co-Director Jessica Pearson, PhD | Director, Center for Policy Research

FRPN Coordinator Rebecca Kaufman, MSW | Temple University

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Subject: A Marriage Moment: #17
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Fwd: Institute for Family Studies Newsletter, 11/28/14: Thanksgiving, safe campuses, and more

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Subject: Institute for Family Studies Newsletter, 11/28/14: Thanksgiving, safe campuses, and more
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This Week on Family-Studies.org

We hope you and your family had a happy Thanksgiving! On the blog this week, Naomi Schaefer Riley reflected on what we lose when our families shrink, and David Lapp delved into why young adults struggle to fulfill their aspirations for family stability. W. Bradford Wilcox explained how to reduce the incidence of campus rape. Finally, since today is Black Friday, you might enjoy this piece from our archives: The Holidays Are Not About Shopping.

The Downside of Small Families

by Naomi Schaefer Riley

Having smaller families was supposed to simplify things, to make life less expensive and less complicated. But having smaller extended families and living further away from them have actually made matters harder.

Campus Rape 

by W. Bradford Wilcox

In the face of stories about rape and sexual assault on college campuses, the reflexive response of many on the right has been way too dismissive. Instead, we should take the problem seriously and take these four steps to address it.

Forming Stable Families

by David Lapp

If working-class young adults are so eager to get married and have stable families, what’s stopping them? The challenges they face fall into four categories: family-of-origin, philosophical, psychological, and financial.
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