Candidates for Friday Five

1. Family Conflict Is Normal; It’s the Repair That Matters


2.  Strengthening Families Legislation Introduced
 Strengthening Families for Success Act of 2020

3.A Way Forward for Working Parents

 Daisy Dowling

4. Characteristics and Financial Circumstances of TANF Recipients, Fiscal Year 2019

5. Emotional adaptation to relationship dissolution in parents and non-parents: A new conceptual model and measure

Abigail Millings, Shannon L. Hirst, Fuschia Sirois, Catherine Houlston

6. November 30–December 3, 2020: National Research Conference on Early Childhood (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families)

8. Managing Work-Family Caregiving Conflict for The Workplace of the Future

P Dombrowski-Wilson  

9. Political Divide: How To Stay Civil With Family Members This Holiday Season

10. The Science of Families: Nurturing Hope, Happiness, & Health

11. Marriage-to-Divorce Ratio in the U.S.: Geographic Variation, 2019

Bowling Green State University  National Center for Family & Marriage Research (NCFMR) 

Leslie Reynolds

12. What’s the number 1 way to change your marriage? Today the Rosbergs share lessons learned from divorced people and what they say they would have done differently.

13. Five Programs, Five Implementation Experiences: Resources for Healthy Marriage and Relationship Education Grantees

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Candidates for Friday Five

1. ‘The Origins of You’: A book event with Jay Belsky and Terrie E. Moffitt

Ian Rowe and Naomi Schaefer Riley | AEI web event on Friday, November 13


Scott Winship on Income Inequality, Poverty, and Social Mobility

Banter: Episode 415

2. Ann O'Keefe Author Chat - Launching the Navy Family Support Program

Naval Historical Foundation  

3. Understanding the effects of Covid-19 through a life course lens

Richard A.Settersten, et al., Elsevier  

4. Principles of excellence in Relationship Education


Ensuring all children get the best start in life: A population approach to early intervention and prevention

Daryl Higgins & Adam Dean  


(Study) The reasons women in Germany are delaying motherhood

6. World Kindness Day

7. Series Webinar -- Marriage Strengthening Research (MAST) & Dissemination Center and National Council on Family Relations (NCFR)
Conversation 3: Applied Research at NCHS and the Census
Webinar Date: November 19

8. USU awarded two $5 million grants for Fatherhood and Relationship Education

9. What’s Love Got to Do With a Lasting Marriage?

Shoba Sreenivasan, Ph.D., and Linda E. Weinberger, Ph.D.

10.Pathways-to-Outcomes Snapshots: Tools for Building Evidence for Healthy Marriage and Relationship Education Programs


Pathways-to-Outcomes: How Healthy Marriage and Relationship Education Program Activities May Lead to Intended Outcomes

11. Spirituality and the Lifetime Course of Mental Illness: Support for Patients, Caregivers, and Family by Faith Communities

12. In the chaos of raising a toddler there lies a path to nirvana

Psyche, professor Kurt Gray


Candidates for Friday Five

1. Children’s well-being indicator review, UK: 2020

2. Impacts of family structure on puberty onset in girls

by BioMed Central

3. Relationship stress and COVID top military family counseling needs

by Abraham Mahshie

4. Focusing on the family: policy issues in the Covid-19 era

Sue Shortland

5. The gap between the partisan couples is wider than ever.


6. 12 Questions to Ask Your Partner Before Marriage

by Léa Rose Emery

7. Love and marriage in the time of the Coronavirus

 by Shmuely Boteach

8. How Does an Economist View the Marriage Market?

Kristie Engemann

9. U.S. Marriage and Divorce Rates by State: 2009 & 2019


Coupled Households in the United States

10. IZA DP No. 13811: Who Married, (to) Whom, and Where? Trends in Marriage in the United States, 1850-1940

Claudia Olivetti, M. Daniele Paserman, Laura Salisbury, E. Anna Weber


11. First Things First: How to agree to disagree with your spouse

Julie Baumgardner

12. November Is National Adoption Month: Engaging Youth Voice in Permanency Planning

Jerry Milner, Associate Commissioner, Children’s Bureau  

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Candidates for Friday Five

1. Chronic, Low-Level Parental Conflict Contributes To Children’s Mental Health Problems

By Chrystyna D. Kouros


Sort It Out campaign

A campaign to stop children being harmed by conflict between their warring parents

2. New Research Shows The Best Way to Express Gratitude to Your Loved One, And It's Easy


3. Protective Factors Framework



5. COVID-19 could erase parenting gains of the last 30 years

Up Front (Brookings Institution)
Rebecca Ryan, Ariel Kalil, Susan Mayer, and Rohen Shah  

6. National Academy of Sciences Enlists Gaming Community to Boost Public Understanding of COVID-19

7. Setting the Foundation for Safe, Supportive, and Equitable School Climates

Iris Jacob, Deborah Temkin, Rosemary Rodriguez, Obioma Okogbue, Suzanne Greenfield, Ryan Roemerman

8.Strategies to Integrate Self-Regulation into Healthy Marriage Programs for Youth
Self-Regulation Training Approaches and Resources to Improve Staff Capacity for Implementing Healthy Marriage Programs for Youth (SARHM): Final Report

9. As holidays near, the coronavirus is spreading rapidly, putting families in a quandary about celebrations and travel

10. UCF receives $7.5 million grant to help save relationships during COVID-19

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11. The Hardest Fight to Have With Your Teen

Jessica Grose  

12. New online, research-based program aims to strengthen relationships

UI study focuses on keys to successful romantic relationships

13. Parents can create new Halloween traditions during pandemic

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Candidates for Friday Five

1. How to Talk to Loved Ones with Differing Political Opinions

Asia McNeil  


How to repair a family rift

Pam Weintraub

2. Reframing aging in contemporary politics

3. Parents are the greatest influence on children’s learning, but how can this influence be harnessed?

Jennifer E. Lansford of Duke University  

4. How Parents Can Support Children With Special Needs During Distance Learning

 Rebecca Branstetter


Lived experience of people with disabilities: Shaping policy and practice

5. Continuing Conversations: Non-Academic Career Paths for Researchers Studying Families and Relationships

Hosted by MAST Center & NCFR


Special Issue Call for Papers: The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Lives of Emerging Adults


7. Inspiring Change 2.0

Creating impact with evidence-based implementation

8. Lessons learned from a community crisis

By John Rogers and Cynthia Miller

9. Yes, more and more young adults are living with their parents – but is that necessarily bad?

Jeffrey Arnett  

10. ICCFR 66th annual conference, November 2020

Webinar Series: Helping Families through Separation and Divorce: Collaboration, not Confrontation, in a Plural Society