Fwd: Summit Rate at Anaheim Marriott Ends Tomorrow, The Best Things in Life and Missing the Target

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Subject: Summit Rate at Anaheim Marriott Ends Tomorrow, The Best Things in Life and Missing the Target
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The Unacknowledged Worlds of Unmarried Fathers
I was intimate last year with a good number of men. There was Leo the engineer, Jake the construction worker, Brad the investment banker, and one of my favorites-Rico, who was just a youngster, really. There were others as well, too numerous to name. Read More...
Are You Losing Yourself in Your Marriage?
A couple sat on my couch the other day telling me how bland and stale their marriage had become. Neither of them could understand how their marriage had gotten this way. Read More..
Teens Should Have Summer Jobs, the Less Glamourous, the Better
 Well-off kids who don't have to work or take care of a sibling during the summer can embark on elaborate journeys to find or foster their passion. They can volunteer for an HIV program in Africa, study health care in the Caribbean or immerse themselves in Mandarin in China.  Read More...
The Best Things in Life...
 As I grow older, my outlook is changing.
I'm realizing that showing love and appreciation for the people I care about most is more important than momentarily looking "cool" to a few acquaintances. I'm learning to express more gratitude and genuine appreciation to those who have gone out of their way to look out for me when it mattered. Read More...

Missing the Target...
 Despite the widely-recognized benefits of early childhood experiences in formal settings that enrich the social and cognitive environments of children, many children-particularly infants and toddlers-spend their days in unregulated (or very lightly regulated) "informal" childcare settings. Read More...
The Family Implications of Premature Death in Rural America
 She is only 24 years old, but in her Facebook cover photo, she is surrounded by headstones. She crouches on the ground, her right arm draped atop a granite marker, and her eyes fixed on the name of her mother, who was just 38 years old when she passed away in 2007 from kidney problems. Lynn was 15 at the time and devastated. Read More...
How Marriage Makes Men Better Fathers
 I have an amazing father, but I spent the majority of my life missing him. After my parents divorced when I was two, he went from being a full-time dad to a visitor, leaving me with bits and pieces of his time, attention, and support. 
Five New Dads Share What They Have Learned about Fatherhood
 ABC News decided to ask five new fathers -- who welcomed their first child within the last 12 months -- to reflect on fatherhood. We asked the men the same five questions to discover what they've learned, what they wish they would've known and what's surprised them about their new role. Read More...
When to Seek Marriage Help: Relationship Red Flags
Billionaire inventor Elon Musk is known for his intense drive to change the world. He has developed technology to get humans off fossil fuels and up to the stars, and is the CEO of electric car company Tesla, as well as rocket launcher SpaceX.  Read More...
Cut off date for the NARME rate at the Anaheim Marriott is TOMORROW!  Haven't had time to check out all that is happening at the Summit?  Click here to check it out and  register now 

  • Becoming a Change Agent: skills to effectively develop healthy individuals, couples, and families with Joseph Hernandez
  • PICK, LINKS, and Home Run Dads: using RAM can provide a useful plan to build safe intimacy both before and after marriage, and much more with John Van Epp
  • Oxygen For Your Relationships: facilitate coupes event by working through eight different marriage/relationship topics with Noel Meador
  • Brain Train: How to Effectively Address Trauma in Community Based Programs: tools to brain train focused on an organizational strategy and individual interventions with Carolyn Curtis
  • PREPARE/ENRICH Certification: become certified to use the nations #1 Premarital  and Marriage assessments with Luke Nelson
  • Relationship IQ Instructor Training: a powerful tools and techniques to reach young adults and help them transform their relationships with Hannah Parmelee
  • Using Research and Evaluation to Prove, Improve, and Solidify Your Marriage Programs: provide comprehensive summary of the process of using data to achieve best results with Paul Birch
  • Building Smart Stepfamilies: Preparation and Re-Divorce Prevention: tools to help navigate the stepfamily system effectively with Ron Deal
  • Widen Organizational Impact by Including Single Parent and Stepfamily Information: Powerful Single Parent Wisdom & Crucial Keys for Working Together as Parent and Stepparent: offers two programs to integrate current programs designed for traditional married couples and parenting courses with Jayna Haney
NARME Networking will be at the ESPN ZONE in Downtown Disney, dinner and games are included with the purchase of NARME Networking for $60.
NARME Summit is a great time to network and connect with professionals from across the country. 
There are many opportunities to meet and learn from one another. Attendees can have lunch together each day as well as the exhibitor reception and the NARME Networking Night. Lunch and exhibitor reception is included in your Summit registration. 

Fantastic workshops to choose from on a variety of topics related to our work.
The Summit has been approved for up to 37 CEUs!
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This year at the NARME Summit, Playback Now will be offering a new and exciting package for attendees who want access to download and stream all of the incredible workshops and plenary sessions being offered!
It is the first time we have offered the option to have streaming and download access for a full 12 months, plus all files on a USB Flash Drive AND all access to the past 5 years of NARME Summits at the reasonable price of $195!
Take advantage of  a Playback Now package  register here
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Check out the Pre-Summit Training opportunities HERE

The event is co-sponsored by R. Cassidy Seminars who has been approved for continuing education for Psychologists, Social Workers, Counselors, and Marriage and Family Therapists.

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Interested in exhibiting at the 2016 Summit?  click here 
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Fwd: How to know if they are marriage material.

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My most popular 2016 post
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Hey everyone, it's Gary.

If you're single or know someone who is, I thought you might like this blog post I wrote in January. It has been, far and away, my most popular post so far this year as its been shared over 9,000 times:

6 Signs He or She isn't Marriage Material

(If you were wondering, this post - Why Men Don't Change - has been my second most shared post of the year.)

Also, did you download your free copy of Every Good Marriage Begins With a Funeral yet? It's brand new material that explores how God uses marriage to shape us, transform us, and renew us. Whether you're married, or would like to be someday, I believe it will be a great resource for you.

You can download your free copy here.

When you check out my most popular posts or download my new free book you'll also get all my new ideas from GaryThomas.com.


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Candidates for Friday Five

1. Getting “Moneyball” Right in the Social Sector

2. How to talk to children about tragedies


Why you need to talk to your kids about the Orlando shooting

Lyz Lenz

3. Advancing the Power of Economic Evidence to Inform Investments in Children, Youth, and Families

4. July 11–13: The National Research Conference on Early Childhood, Washington, DC


5. Seven Ways to Foster Empathy in Kids

Jill Suttie

6. Marriage Is (Usually) Good for You


7. State of America’s Fathers

8. What fatherhood can be the second time around: more balanced
Bonnie Miller Rubin

9. Meeting of the Advisory Group on Prevention, Health Promotion, and Integrative and Public Health

10. A Renewed Focus on Fathers
David Jones , Co-Fatherhood Lead, Office of Head Start

11. Alain de Botton explains why people usually marry the wrong person


Fwd: Sunday Spotlight: Two Essays on Campus Party Culture

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Subject: Sunday Spotlight: Two Essays on Campus Party Culture
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Sunday Spotlight

A Sunday afternoon newsletter

"Sunday is the golden clasp that binds together the volume of the week." –H.W. Longfellow

November 2010 • by Mary Eberstadt


Binge drinking, no-strings-attached hookups, drinking games, parties, and drugs are all contributors to the rise in sexual assault and fatalities on college campuses. 

Read Article

May 2011 • by Christopher Kaczor


Single-sex student residences could play a vital role in reducing binge drinking, as well as discouraging students from participating in today's hook-up culture that plagues college campuses. 

Read Article
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Sat, Jun 11
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Hello and welcome to my Nuzzel newsletter!

(Grandpa; Marriage Ed at ACF/HHS (2002-2010); Initiated PREP in the military in 1990; curating at http://www.scoop.it/t/healthy-marriage-links-and-clips)
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Daily Commentary
Have a great day
Family Studies – Jun 10, 6:19 AM

Christian Jarrett, BPS Research Digest Martha Ross and Nicole Pachal Svajlenka, Brookings Metropolitan Policy Program Cycling for dads, how depression impacts romantic relationships, and more links from @billcoffin…

Image not availablebillcoffin nice picture...we'll be biking in Holland next Sat
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Candidates for Friday Five



Most disconnected youth have a high school diploma

Martha Ross

3. Marriage may offer a boost for heart attack survivors




4. MSF's marriage, relationship education course garners positive support

5. Teenage boys who show empathy attract 1.8 more girlfriends than boys who don't

6. West Baltimore family center welcomes dads bicycling for fatherhood
Tim Prudente

7. How depression affects couples – in their own words

8. New this week is a report by the National Parenting Education Network (NPEN): Parenting Education Engagement and Outreach. The report presents the results of a survey NPEN conducted about work being done in parenting education.

Find this resource at: https://www.ncfr.org/professional-resource-library/report-parenting-education-engagement-and-outreach

New guide for practitioners working with adoptive couples published

10. Character Strengths Matter is one year old today

Fwd: Strangly- I have winter on the brain

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From: Marriage Geek <maureen@marriagegeek.com>
Date: Thu, Jun 9, 2016 at 8:25 PM
Subject: Strangly- I have winter on the brain
To: billcoffin68@gmail.com



Totally loving Minnesota this week. I can’t believe how fast leaves have filled in all the brown space and how quickly my freckles can pop. We did Open Streets in Mpls last weekend and my sister and I both topped our record- over 20,000 steps.

And yet- I have lived through many, many long MN winters and I wonder how we make it through each year. Bill Doherty has long been my “marriage friendly” guru. This quote means a lot to me.

“I now think about marriage like I think about living in my home state of Minnesota. You move into marriage in the springtime of hope, but eventually arrive at the Minnesota winter, with its cold and darkness. Many of us are tempted to give up and move south at this point, not realizing that maybe we’ve hit a rough spot in a marriage that’s actually above average. The problem with giving up, of course, is that our next marriage will enter it own winter at some point. So do we keep moving on, or do we make our stand now- with this person, in this season? ?That’s the moral, existential question we face when our marriage is in trouble.”

How do we plan for the darkness on the warmest days? I don’t promise couples that I can “fix” their marriages so that there won’t be winters. I think instead of getting through the rough stretches with less damage, with less suffering and being in great shape when the clouds part and things warm up, as they always do.

Here are some tips for managing if your marriage is currently covered with snow.

  • Stay warm. Be kind. Do no harm. If you can’t be nice at least always be respectful.

  • Watch Netflix, read a book, bake. Make the best of the time to be your best self, try and  make yourself happy and give your partner permission to find their best stuff too.

  • Take a vacation. Almost everyone’s relationship looks a hell of a lot better on vacation. Even if you can only get one night in a hotel, it might be enough to remind you of who they, and you really are.

  • Don’t take it too personally. Neither the Universe nor your partner are necessarily trying to destroy you.

  • Remember this too shall pass. Look back at the good times and begin to imagine the future great ones.

  • Stop cursing the darkness. Light a damned candle.

If your relationship is in the cold, dark of a winter season it actually isn’t because the planet has tilted on its’ axis...it is because you forgot to tend it. There are reasons relationships cool- kids and stress might be the top two. Maybe your partner forgot first. Maybe your partner forgot more than you did or worse than you did but that is cursing the darkness. Find some forgiveness or compassion or faith. If you want to be in a healthy relationship maybe at least throw a log on the ashes and see what happens.




I have a new intern working with me who is open for couples or individual counseling at a discounted rate. I think she's wonderful and is working closely with me... I know she's going to be great to work with. If you want more info check here Michele Michaelson


All my workshops are available as speaking engagements at schools, churches or community groups. Please contact me maureen@marriagegeek.com for options for your group.



Maureen Campion

Richfield MN




This message was sent to billcoffin68@gmail.com from:

Marriage Geek | maureen@marriagegeek.com | Marriage Geek | 6607 18th Avenue #201 | Richfield , MN 55423

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Fwd: Announcing: Intellectual Retreat in New York, August 2016

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Subject: Announcing: Intellectual Retreat in New York, August 2016
To: billcoffin68@gmail.com

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Retreat Banner
Dear Friends,
We are excited to announce our upcoming First Things Intellectual Retreat in New York City.
The retreat will take place at New York University from August 5-7, 2016.  Our focus will be Love and Friendship: the nature of desire, the moral qualities of friendship, and the integral connection between wisdom and charity. Combining small-group discussions, dinners, lectures, and music, the retreat will be a special opportunity to meet First Things authors and like-minded individuals and, in community, discuss a topic that affects us all.

The readings—mailed to attendees in advance—will be drawn from classic and contemporary texts by Plato, Augustine, Joseph Soloveitchik, John Henry Newman, and others. Participants will read these texts prior to the retreat and discuss them in small-group seminars led by faculty from Northeast Catholic College, our retreat partner.

Friends of First Things are diverse in background—students and teachers; clergy, parents, lawyers, and businessmen—but they are united by common ideas. Last year, over 100 participants came together to discuss the concept of freedom during our first intellectual retreat in New York City. We hope you can join us this year in New York for an equally enriching experience. There are no academic prerequisites or expertise required to participate. If you enjoy reading First Things or discussing the kind of ideas found in its pages, then this event is right for you.

You can view the retreat schedule, pricing, and full curriculum here. I hope to see you in August.


R. R. Reno, Editor
First Things
In partnership with

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Candidates for Friday Five

1. Stepfamily ties into adulthood
Kristie Auman-Bauer


3. Yes, more young Americans really are living with parents rather than spouses

Michael Barone

4. How love and marriage are changing, according to 63,000 New York Times wedding announcements

by Todd Schneider

5. S e e i n g O u r W a y t o L i v i n g L o n g , L i v i n g 
W e l l in 21st Century America

Stanford Center on Longevity

6. DoD Sexual Assault Prevention, Response Advocate Certifications Grow

Amaani Lyle

7. 2.87 million people across UK in distressed relationships


Tie the knot to boost children’s mental health, couples told

8. Early Intervention: The Impact of Relationship Education on Youth

9. Why are fewer people getting married?

Thanks Alysse