Researching Recruitment Challenges in Low-Income Marriage ...

Researching Recruitment Challenges in Low-Income Marriage ...
Researching Recruitment Challenges in Low-Income Marriage Education Programs. Feb 14, 2012. This report summarizes four studies completed between the ...


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14th Annual International Fatherhood Conference

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Subject: 14th Annual International Fatherhood Conference

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Greetings from 
The National Partnership for Community Leadership
14th Annual International Fatherhood Conference
Partnerships and Collaboration:
"Expanding Responsible Fatherhood and Healthy Family Program Connections"
June 12-15, 2012
Dear Prospective Conference Attendee:

Limited funding at the federal, state and local levels as well as reduced investments in the responsible fatherhood field by major foundations will necessitate creative partnership and collaboration among a variety of agencies/organizations serving fathers and families. The 14th Annual International Fatherhood Conference theme is: Partnership and Collaboration: "Expanding Responsible Fatherhood and Healthy Family Program Connections". This focus is seen as a necessary and important foundation in advancing our efforts on behalf of our customers; fathers and mothers, couples, youth and children. Expanding our connections will enable the responsible fatherhood field to achieve positive outcomes and maximize the use of available resources. We can no longer function as "islands" unto ourselves. Nor is there a "one size fits all" approach when it comes to meeting the diverse needs of our customers. To achieve the best results, partnership and collaboration is the key.


The conference will feature an opening session Policy Forum organized by the National Fatherhood Leaders Group (NFLG). Panel members will include national, state, and local policy makers and responsible fatherhood, healthy marriage, and healthy family program leaders. There will also be conference super sessions focused on father involvement in the early learning success of children; and, achieving funding success in responsible fatherhood, healthy marriage and family service programs. Conference workshops will focus on responsible fatherhood; healthy marriage/ relationship education; military families; early childhood education; domestic violence; child support; employment; faith-based programs; re-entry, prevention, and evaluation. There will also be a national training institute on working with fathers, and, special leadership workshops conducted by members of NFLG, the National Association of Marriage and Relationship Education (NARME) and partner organizations.


The Spirit of Fatherhood Hall of Fame Luncheon will be high spirited. Five responsible fatherhood leaders will be inducted into the Spirit of Fatherhood Hall of Fame. Also, the Committed Fathers Alliance will present its National Father of the Year at the Luncheon. Another conference highlight will be the Fatherhood Practitioners Networking Luncheon. As always the conference will offer a variety of networking opportunities among attendees and include some special activities that will highlight the best of Fort Lauderdale Florida.


In closing, you don't want to miss this important conference. We promise to over deliver and exceed your expectations. I look forward to greeting and meeting you all in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Jeffery M. Johnson, Ph.D., President


Register for the 14th  Annual International Fatherhood Conference by
February 29, 2012
and be our guest for a


 Jungle Queen


The World Famous Jungle Queen Riverboat will take us on a humerous and informative sightseeing cruise through historic downtown Fort Lauderdale and the great Yacht District on our way to their own Tropical Isle.  Jungle Queen's Tropical Isle is home to beautiful rare trees and foliage, exotic birds, large iguanas, alligators and monkeys. While there, you will enjoy an All YOU Wish to Eat Chicken, Bar-B-Que Ribs and Steamed Shrimp dinner with all the trimmings followed by a hilarious and entertaining Variety Show.


2012 Spirit of Fatherhood
Hall of Fame Inductees
14th Annual International Fatherhood Conference would like you to help us congratulate the 2012 Spirit of Fatherhood Hall of Fame Inductees.




Fatherhood Initiatives Program Coodinator
Healthy Families/Thriving Communities Collaborative Council
Washington, DC




Executive Director
Fathers' Support Center
St. Louis, MO




Campaign Manager
Open Society Foundations
New York, NY




Staff Director 
U.S. House Majority
Washington, DC


Staff Director 
U.S. House Minority
Washington, DC




Father Project Manager
 Goodwill/Easter Seals
St. Paul, MI  
Tallahassee, FL 
The 2012 Spirit of Fatherhood Hall of Fame Inductees will receive their awards at the 2012 Spirit of Fatherhood Hall of Fame Award Luncheon on Wednesday June 13, 2012 at 12:30PM, in the Westin Fort Lauderdale, Fort Lauderdale, Florida.


2012 Spirit of Fatherhood Hall of Fame Award Luncheon tickets are available for advance purchase only. Tickets are $75.00 per person.  Full and shared tables are  available also. For more information please contact Michelle Paterson at (202) 234-6725 by email   
2012 Spirit of Fatherhood Hall of Fame Award Luncheon tickets are included with Master Training All Inclusive and 14th IFC All Inclusive Registration Packages.


Do you have an advertisement or business card you would like to place in the 14th Annual International Fatherood Conference Program? Does your business or organization offer training opportunities or have promotional information that they would like to share that relate to the responsible fatherhood and healthy marriage fields? Well consider advertising yourself or your business by placing an advertisement in the 14th Annual International Fatherood Program or purchasing an exhibition table at the conference. All it take is three easy steps and you're done!


2nd Annual Committed Father Alliance

Father of the Year

Committed Fathers Alliance


Do you know a Father who has stood out supporting his children? If so, honor him with a nomination for the 2012 Committed Fathers Alliance Father of the Year Award.


The 2012 Committed Fathers Alliance Father of the Year winner will receive the following:


Paid registration for the 2012 NPCL 14th Annual International Fatherhood conference in Fort  Lauderdale, Florida on June 12-15, 2012.


Airfare and Hotel expenses for two to the NPCL Fatherhood Conference (Shared room between winner and guest) 


$500 expense stipend







Featured Article
Port Everglades Inlet


eatured Article
Downtown Ft. Lauderdale


Featured Article
 Fort Lauderdale Harbor 



Featured Article
Fort Lauderale Marina 

Featured Article
Fort Lauderdale at night



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Ariel View of Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale pictureFeatured Article

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Port Everglades InletFeatured Articl


For more information on the14th Annual International Fatherhood Conference 

 please visit our website: or contact Michelle Paterson, Assistant Conference Coordinator at (202) 234-6725 or email at


Thank you in advance for your continued support of The National Partnership for Community Leadership. 

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Marriage Monthly: Lent Edition: Getting Ready for Lent, What Do Catholics Believe About Lent?

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Subject: Marriage Monthly: Lent Edition: Getting Ready for Lent, What Do Catholics Believe About Lent?

For Your Marriage  
marriage monthly
FEBRUARY 2012   
Lent 2012 Edition 

Home   Dating & Engaged    Parenting & Family    For Every Marriage    About Catholic Marriages

Featured Article: Getting Ready For Lent  
Lent starts on Ash Wednesday, February 22. Are you making Lenten resolutions? Most people find it easier to keep their resolutions when someone holds them accountable. Maybe that person is your spouse! This year, think about Lent as a team effort.   

Blogs: The Latest From Our Blogging Couples   

Sara & Justin
With a new home and a baby on the way, Sara and Justin have lots to share in their blog. Meanwhile, Stacey and Josh are counting the days until their big move from Portland, Oregon to Notre Dame.   Noem family



Monthly Book Review   "Your Time-Starved Marriage"   


Time-Starved Marriage cover"In these hectic, hurry-up, stressful times, every couple we know - including ourselves - is rushing around to get more done in less time, " say the authors. "Life in the fast lane inevitably means less time with the one you love." Read how couples can maximize their time together. 


Marriage Tip of the Month
February 8
Fighting Fair Tip: Keep it current. Once a couple has the rule of thumb that any issue older than the milk in the refrigerator is no longer game. Recurring arguments usually mean that there's something behind the presenting problem that irks the other.


Catholic 101 
What do Catholics believe about Lent? Here's a quick introduction to this holy season.
FYM Find Help

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FYM TV Spot  

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Consider 162 Reasons To Marry - Ethics & Religion Col. #1,590

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Date: Thu, Feb 16, 2012 at 2:12 AM
Subject: Consider 162 Reasons To Marry - Ethics & Religion Col. #1,590

Feb. 15, 2012

Column #1,590

Consider 162 Reasons to Marry!

By Mike McManus


            Those of us who believe in marriage are not doing a good job.  The marriage rate has plunged 54% since 1970.  If the same percentage of couples were getting married today as in 1970, we would have 3.3 million marriages this year, not 2.2 million.


            The cover story of the Washington Post Magazine on Sunday, “When You Never Find The One,” quoted people rationalizing about their singleness.  “This is who I am. I’m single. I love it,” says assistant professor Bella DePaulo.  


            “Settling just never seemed like the right move,” writes blogger Wendy Braitman.


            Has marriage become less attractive?  Obviously, it has for many people.  The percentage of married adults used to be 72% and is now only 51%.


            However, Pat Fagan, head of the MARRI Institute at the Family Research Council, has written a paper full of hope: “162 Reasons to Marry.” 


It is must reading for your single friends.


            “Marriage is the foundational relationship for all of society…Good marriages are the bedrock of strong societies, for they are the foundations of strong families,” he begins.


            “The future of the human race and all its component societies is embodied in each newborn. Whether that newborn grows to be a strong capable adult depends much on the marriage of his parents.  Whether he is physically strong; whether she is intelligent; whether he is hardworking or a dropout; whether she will be mentally healthy and happy; whether he will be more educated; whether she will marry in her own turn; whether he will be a taxpayer or a drain on the commons; whether she enjoys sexuality to the full; whether he worships and prays; whether she has children and how many; whether he finishes high school and goes to college or learns a trade; whether she is law-abiding; whether he grows old with a family surrounding him – all these most desirable outcomes…are strongly connected to the strength of that child’s parents.”


            If that sounds like it was written by a man with eight children, it was!


            However, only 46% of teenagers are living in an intact married family.  More than half are growing up in homes where the parents “rejected each other,” as Fagan wrote last year.


            That is what is ominous. 


Women raised in intact married homes have the lowest number of unwed births, are more likely to marry and less likely to divorce, says the report. They are “the least likely to have intercourse before age 18,” have fewer sexual partners and are least likely to cohabit.


But cohabitation has skyrocketed from 430,000 in 1960 to 7.5 million in 2010.  Unwed births have soared eight-fold from 5% to 41% of all births, and are mostly to cohabiting parents.


Children from intact married families are most likely to earn As in school and to have the “highest combined English and math grade point averages.”


However, on international math comparisons, Americans scored 487 while Japanese, Koreans and Chinese scored from 540 to 600. The unwed birth rate is 41% here, 2% in Japan.


“Children from intact families exceed their parents educational attainment (sons by 2 .8 years, daughters by 2.5 years)….Married men work more hours than cohabiting men” and their productivity increases by 27% as a result of marrying,” the report asserts.


Married families have larger incomes, larger net worth, and the largest net worth growth of between $3,000 and $17,000 in two years.  Conversely, if biological single parents of poor children marry, 70% of those kids would immediately move into the middle class. 


Marriage also reduces crime rates.  Adolescents from married homes are less likely to steal, to fight, be delinquent or run away from home.  Conversely, teenagers from divorced families are more verbally aggressive and violent toward their romantic partners.


“Marriage is especially beneficial for the health of the elderly.”  That’s an understatement.  A married woman will live four years longer – and a man, ten years longer than a single one.  “It seems that marriage, as a sort of social support, strengthens the immune system,” and married people smoke and drink less and maintain healthier weight.


Result: married people’s “responses to cancer treatment are better and comparable to people 10 years younger.”


However, what is to be done about plunging marriage rates? 


The report’s response is feeble: “Maybe we can hope that the children who experienced so much rejection between their parents will become the greatest generation of parents who belong to each other in lifelong marriage.”


I doubt it. 


One good answer, however, is give the report to unmarried friends. Download it free at, Go to the Marriage and Family section.

Copyright © 2012 Michael J. McManus, President of Marriage Savers & a syndicated columnist



My new email address is

Michael J. McManus
syndicated columnist
"Ethics & Religion"
President & Co-Chair
Marriage Savers
9311 Harrington Dr.
Potomac, MD 20854



Daily Meditation: Discovering Your True Self Through Prayer -- St. Valentine's Day -- Feb. 14, 2012

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Subject: Daily Meditation: Discovering Your True Self Through Prayer -- St. Valentine's Day -- Feb. 14, 2012

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Richard's Daily Meditations

Sunset Behind Tree, Red by © Shirin McArthur  


Tuesday, February 14, 2012
St. Valentine's Day

In what is commonly called prayer, you and your hurts, needs, and perspectives are still the central reference point, not really God. But you have decided to invite a Major Power in to help you with your already determined solution! God can perhaps help you get what you want, but it is still a self-centered desire, instead of God’s much better role—which is to help you know what you really desire (Luke 11:13, Matthew 7:11). It always takes a bit of time to widen this lens, and therefore the screen, of life.

One goes through serious withdrawal pain for a while until the screen is widened to a high-definition screen. It is work to learn how to pray, largely the work of emptying the mind and filling the heart—that is prayer in one concise and truthful phrase. Or as some say, "pulling the mind down into the heart" until they both operate as one. A good thing to think about with all of the hearts you will probably see on this Valentine's Day!

Adapted from Breathing under Water: Spirituality and the Twelve Steps, p. 96

Starter Prayer:
Teach me to pray.

Richard Rohr -- Wondrous Encounters -- Scripture for Lent -- bookcover

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Valentine's Day for Everyone Edition

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Date: Mon, Feb 13, 2012 at 7:22 PM
Subject: Valentine's Day for Everyone Edition
To: Bill <>


Valentine's Day for Everyone Edition

10 Ways to Make Love into a Lifestyle!

People talk about falling in love, losing at love and looking for love. What if you could have a more permanent and reliable relationship with love--one that was not dependent on another person?

This entails making love into a lifestyle rather than a life event.  And it can have great personal benefits. According to Carol McCloud, author of Have You Filled A Bucket Today?, those “who learn to express kindness and love lead happier lives.” What if you were to incorporate a caring attitude and made a genuine effort to show attention toward others every day?

Here are 10 sure-fire ways to make love into a lifestyle>>>

5 Big Lies about Love

Everything you think you know about love might be wrong!


Common sentiments about love get repeated over and over. Popular sayings get passed on from generation to generation. Ideas about love get affirmed by our “feelings” and by what we hope to be true rather than by logic and meaningful information.

Yep, we’ve all been duped when it comes to matters of the heart.

Now is the time to crush the romantic fibs out of your love life and ground your understanding of love in more meaningful information. Here are five big lies about love>>>

Is your relationship the best it can be?

What is Relationship and Marriage Education?


Relationship and Marriage Education (RME) refers to skills-based educational approaches, often preventive in nature, in which individuals or couples are taught skills to increase effective communication, success in resolving problems and conflicts with their spouse/partner, and skills and attitudes that increase marital commitment and satisfaction as well as family stability.


Is there any research that proves RME really works?


In eight comprehensive analyses of hundreds of research studies, results show that Relationship and Marriage Education programs work—"to reduce strife, improve communication, increase parenting skills, increase stability, and enhance marital happiness." The overwhelming consensus among researchers is that Relationship Education programs "are effective in helping families do more than merely survive—that Relationship Education enables couples to learn skills that enable their marriage and children to thrive" (Fagan, Patrick F., Patterson Robert W. and Robert E. Rector. "Marriage and Welfare Reform: The Overwhelming Evidence that Marriage Education Works". The Heritage Foundation: Backgrounder #1606, 2002).


Find Relationship and Marriage Education (RME) Classes throughout California! >>>

What do you have to say about this?

"With divorces lingering at nearly 50%, and each divorce generating a social services burden conservatively estimated at $30,000 per divorce, marital outcomes are critical to the overall stability of American society. Marital outcomes impact the couple, their children, their community, and the culture we live in," says David G. Schramm in his research of 2006 (Journal of Family and Economic Issues, Vol. 27(1) 133-146). The social services impact of divorce includes increased government expenditures for program such as:


  • Food stamps
  • Medicare
  • Medicaid
  • Children's Health Insurance
  • Child Support Enforcement
  • Court costs
  • WIC
  • Subsidized day care and housing assistance

All of these taxpayer-supported social services come to a total national bill of "roughly $33.3 billion annually."


WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU!  In your opinion, what measures should be taken to improve the well-being of families in preventive ways, rather than repairing family breakdown once it occurs?

How are you celebrating National Marriage Week?

With society's economic challenges, a record low of married couples, and a high divorce rate, comes a compelling solution: the Relationship and Marriage Education movement. This national observance week is to highlight the value of marriage and its important role in society.


Celebrate your marriage and reflect on what you are doing to take care of it!

Your gift can help prevent a divorce!

Are you looking to make a Valentine's Day contribution to enable another couple to get the help they need? Consider making a gift to Healthy Relationships California. While HRC has Federal funding for certain, restricted activities, the relationship needs of marriages and families in our state is great!


Your contribution can go a long way to help HRC make more Relationship and Marriage Education classes available to more people in more communities. And you will have the satisfaction of having made a big difference to the quality of people's lives.


Make an online donation today  >>>

Healthy Relationships California Website Facebook

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1045 Passiflora Avenue, Leucadia, California 92024

A dance for daddies and their little girls

A dance for daddies and their little girls
Philadelphia Daily News
As head of Daddy University, Austin trains at fatherhood workshops, speaks about parenting at schools, businesses and conferences, and runs a free Father's Club from 6:30 to 8:30 pm every Tuesday at the West Philadelphia YMCA, Chestnut Street near 51st ...
See all stories on this topic »


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This Week's Relationship Tip

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Date: Mon, Feb 13, 2012 at 1:49 AM
Subject: This Week's Relationship Tip

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Helping People Live Their Best Lives


The "Grinch Who Stole Valentine's Day"

You may remember Dr. Seuss's Grinch, and how he stole Christmas. You may wonder why bring up the Grinch in February, weeks after that particular holiday? In the book, the Grinch discovers that it is the spirit of the holiday endures, not the things of the holiday. He can steal the material objects but not the spirit. His wonderful change occurs when he realizes this and realizes the spirit is infinitely shareable while the objects are very finite. In therapist terms, the “process” (the spirit) endures even when the “content” (material objects) changes.

So when I talk about being the “Grinch who stole Valentine’s Day,” in the video here, I am hoping to inspire you to change your focus from the objects or events we all think of as February 14th approaches. Instead, why not focus on the spirit of the holiday? The spirit is about connecting with loved ones with a little extra intensity, a little extra appreciation, a little extra fun. And for healthier, more enjoyable relationships, challenge yourself to bring that spirit to as many days of your year as you can.

Watch Dr. Greer now if the video did not play automatically.

For many more tips and articles on a variety of topics, please visit Council for Relationship's Tip of the Week Archive.

Council for Relationships' therapists are often called upon for their expertise to contribute to both local and national news programs. Click on the segment titles to view the interview or click here to view more segments.

PDA's: How Much Is Too Much?
CBS 3 News

New Thinking on Dealing with Trauma
CFR's Transcending Trauma Project featured in the Jewish Exponent


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Video: How OHH Trained Therapists can help you and your loved ones

Operation Home and Healing is CFR's new program focused on helping veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as their loved ones, to deal with the emotional distress of war and the challenges of returning to civilian and family life. 
Learn more about
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Valentine's Day - Are You Ready?

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Date: Sat, Feb 11, 2012 at 12:01 PM
Subject: Valentine's Day - Are You Ready?


4-Color Logo



Valentine's Day - Are You Ready?

Here are a few experiences, articles, videos and tips to make this season of romance a special one for you and your sweetheart.

Your Most Romantic Valentine's Day Ever
With David and Darlene Steele from Relationship Coaching Institute

Sunday, February 12
5:00pm pacific/8:00pm eastern for one hour

Accessible by telephone and internet, this event will be an EXPERIENCE, not a seminar.
Just find a quiet place to sit together, relax,and turn up your computer speakers (or telephone).

Very simply, we want you to have your most romantic Valentine's Day ever.

Just as the best things in life are free, so is this event; it's our gift to you.

Relationship Tips for Valentine's Day
by Greg and Priscilla Hunt


Download here for free.   




Articles About Romance and Relationships 


Life Is A Journey: Tips Toward Loving, Lasting Relationships
Members of Better Marriages Gateway Chapter talk about what makes marriages work

What is Romantic: An Email Exchange
Greg and Priscilla Hunt explore what Romantic means to them

Relationship Tip: Show Appreciation in Marriage
Love each other but don't always like each other? Appreciation is the key!

How to Use Conflict to Bring You Closer
We all have conflict. It's what we do with it that matters. Learn to use it creatively to bring you closer rather than pushing you farther apart.

Communication in Marriage is More Than Words
Nonverbals: facial expressions, tone of voice, body language. . . when it comes to communication, there's a lot to juggle. I find great encouragement to know that communication skills are learned - we're not born with them fully developed and we don't pick them up by osmosis.

Rekindling the Romance
Valentine's Day and every day is a good time to develop more romance in your relationship.

Tips for a Happier Relationship: Expectations vs. Intentions
It doesn't happen by accident. A conscious, intentional relationship is a decision.

Valentine's Day Tips for Couples
To make Valentine's Day the best ever, try this: determine to do whatever it takes to improve your relationship with your partner.

Problem-Solving for Couples: Attitude is Everything
From time to time we call could use an attitude check. Consider these simple steps and see if they don't help you to get a handle on couple conflict.


Videos of Real Couples Talking about Real Issues
Watch videos here.

Resources to Enrich and Enhance Your Relationship 

Visit Better Marriages online store.


Marriage Week USA

Find an Event Near You









For more resources, please visit our online store.



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