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Candidates for Friday Five

1. OSRA Research Grant

Supporting Family Research

2. Mothers’ going back to work soon after childbirth poses no harm to children’s development

3. 9 million American men in prime working age can’t find jobs. I’m one of them.

Andy Williams

4. 'High social cost' adults can be predicted from as young as three, says study

Nicola Davis

5. Policies for Families: Is there a Best Practice?

The last policy brief highlights recent research findings of the project “FamiliesAndSocieties” on the current trends in social policies related to families in Europe. It focuses on crucial policy issues related to youth, gender equality and childcare arrangements. The brief also presents suggestions for policy interventions linked to the findings.


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see Ron, Kay H and Wade panel from hour 3 (of 8) . Ron says" the
​relationship ed ​
program in OK is a thing of beauty"

followed by Rector in hour 4.  I wasn't there.​

Orli Matlow 

9. Man proposes marriage via brick at Vikings stadium

Darren Rovell

10. Occupational Employment and Wages, May 2015

21-1013 Marriage and Family Therapists

11. 20 Questions to Ask This Holiday Season

Christine Carter

2017 Healthy Marriage Conference

Thanks Alysse.  Hope all have a merry Christmas.  

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