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Candidates for Friday Five

1. RECS Closing Remarks and Plenary

Parents and Children Together: Findings from an Experimental Evaluation of Six Healthy Marriage and Responsible Fatherhood Programs

2. Video: Explains Marriage and Relationship Education
This video explains what Marriage and Relationship Education is, what a program can look like, the topics covered and how to find a course or a facilitator.

3.  How Sleep Affects Your Relationships, According to Science


4.  The Joys of Grandparenting

By Diana Divecha

5.  The Co-Parenting Relationship scale is a validated measure created by the FRPN that is available for free in both English and Spanish. This scale was developed specifically for low-income, nonresident fathers and looks at a variety of co-parenting domains, including alliance, gatekeeping and undermining.

6. You can find more tips like these in our tip sheets for service providers, or informational handouts for families, also available in Spanish.


Family Transitions & Children: Trends Over 25 Years for Cohabitation and Marriage

Dr. Scott Stanley

8.   Asking ten “critical” questions before embarking on a serious relationship can help couples thrive

9. St. Michael Academy welcomes Richard Brake as new principal

10.What is Helicopter Parenting and Why is it Bad?

By Chloe Bennett


Tips for a successful weekly marriage meeting


How To Have A Happy Marriage: 7 Powerful Secrets From Research

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