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Candidates for Friday Five

1. What We Know about Military Family Readiness: Evidence from 2007-2017

Hawkins, Stacy A; Condon, Annie; Hawkins, Jacob N; Liu, Kristine; Melendrez Ramirez, Yxsel; Nihill, Marisa M; Tolins, Jackson  

2. The bride all dressed in white bows out [part 2]

3. College Drinking:

Prevention Perspectives-Lessons Learned at Frostburg State University

4. Research affirms the power of 'we'

5. Invest in Relationships

Relate and the BACP (British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy) 

Kevin A.Thompson

7. Family Reunions and Tips on Planning
Carol Sanders 

8. What Is the Actual Divorce Rate In America? It’s Complicated.

Virginia Pelley  

9. Marriage in decline in America?


Scott Stanley, "Unequally Into Us" 2018 Family Process video abstract


Are Millennials Better at Marriage?

10. Millennials and the Future of Marriage

Caleb Sutherlin

11. The great partisan divide in the US is now deciding who Americans marry

Michael J. Coren