Candidates for Friday Five

1. Will Generation Z be the last to enjoy the benefits of marriage?

Ann Farmer


Effects of Two Healthy Marriage Programs for Low-Income Couples: Evidence from the Parents and Children Together Evaluation


MotherWise: Implementation of a Healthy Marriage and Relationship Education Program for Pregnant and New Mothers


3. What Is Early Childhood Development? A Guide to the Science

4. Age Variation in the First Marriage Rate, 1990 & 2017

5. The Consequences of Teen Motherhood Can Last for Generations


6. Protective Factors in Practice Vignettes

7. Presentation of the Family International Monitor the Pontifical Theological Institute "John Paul II"

8. Truth About Tech: Solutions for Digital Well-Being Livestream


FOSI Briefs the Hill on Online Safety Across the Generations  


9. Who Benefits Most from Relationship Education?

Hailey Palmer and Alan J. Hawkins 

10. Health status, sexual activity and satisfaction among older people in Britain: A mixed methods study


Record low as 25pc of marriages are religious ceremonies, as weddings become 'more social, less sacred'

Gabriella Swerling

 Erin Holmes, Alan Hawkins, Braquel Egginton, Nathan Robbins & Kevin Shafer