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Candidates for Friday Five

1. Are federally supported relationship education programs for lower-income individuals and couples working? A review of evaluation research

Alan J. Hawkins

2.  A User’s Guide to the Family Empowerment Leadership Academy (FELA) Resources 

3. “Meet Them Where They Are” Building Protective Factors for the Future

4. Happiness study raises fears over children's mental health

By Joe Lepper

5.Understanding the Marriage–Cohabitation Gap in Income Pooling: Evidence from 29 European Countries

Patrick Präg,Katia Begall,Judith Treas

6. ‘The Great Scattering’: How Identity Panic Took Root in the Void Once Occupied by Family Life

Mary Eberstadt

7. The Fragile Families & Child Wellbeing Study releases restricted use contract data to the public

8. Alexis Ohanian, father of Reddit, on the importance of family leave and being a dad

By Jeneé Osterheldt, Globe Columnist

9. Annual report highlights ways to support service members, veterans and families

10.  Marriage may decrease risk of developing dementia, study says
Deborah DiSesa Hirsch, HealthDay News

11. Do Unmarried Women Face Shortages of Partners in the U.S. Marriage Market?


12.  Beliefs about uncommitted sex may put marriages at risk


Beliefs about uncommitted sex may put marriages at risk


13.  Greenwood, Jeremy, Nezih Guner, and Karen Kopecky. 2019. 
"The Wife's Protector: The Effect of Contraception on Marriage during the 20th Century."
 University of Pennsylvania Population Center Working Paper (PSC/PARC), 2019-28