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Candidates for Friday Five

1. What Makes a Father?

Jennifer Rainey Marquez 

2. Generosity, Good News Resources, Gratitude, and Connection in the Corona Age

3. Now Open to All: Past NCFR Webinars & Conference Recordings

4. Children’s story book released to help children and young people cope with COVID-19

5. Happy Habits for Hard Times Series

John and Rita Sommers-Flanagan

6.Men in Quarantine: 3 Ideas for Rediscovering Marriage

John Cuddeback  

7. Corona and the case for marriage

ByHarry Benson

8. The Anatomy Of A Marriage Fight

Katie Pace

9. Marriage—a life-extender?


10. How can exhausted parents motivate kitchen table learners?

Frederick M. Hess

11. How Parents Can Help Kids Thrive in an Uncertain Future


12. Stress and Coping