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Candidates for Friday Five

1. How paternity leave can help couples stay together


2. Healing and Supporting Fathers: Principles, Practices, and Resources for Fatherhood Programs to Help Address and Prevent Domestic Violence


3. The Role of Constructiveness in Interparental Conflict for Mothers' Perception of Children's Health

Martina Zemp  Marlene Jockers  Jutta Mata

4. The case for wearing see-through face masks

5. Distributions of Age at First Marriage, 1960-2018

Paul Hemez, National Center for Family & Marriage Research (NCFMR)  

6. Births in the United States have dropped to a 34-year low
Aimee Cunningham

8. Webinar Thursday, June 11th, at 4 pm EST for Marriage in a Dangerous Time  

9. Being Healthy and Ready to Learn is Linked with Socioeconomic Conditions for Preschoolers

Authors: Gabriel Piña, Kristin Anderson Moore, Katherine Paschall, Samantha Anderson

10. Things You Can Do Each Day as a Parent That Make You a Superhero

Alex Watt

11. Are You Married But Lonely?

12. New study examines impact of major life events on wellbeing

Leilah Schubert 

13. Connection in Marriage During a Pandemic

by The Allender Center