Candidates for Friday Five

1. Pathways-to-Outcomes: How Healthy Marriage and Relationship Education Program Activities May Lead to Intended Outcomes


2. The parents are not all right: The experiences of parenting during a pandemic

Daniel A. Cox, Samuel J. Abrams

3. To support infant development, states can encourage parents to read, sing, and tell stories with their children

Authors: Asiya Kazi, Sarah Daily

4. How life has changed for Australians during the coronavirus pandemic (and how it hasn’t)


Families in Australia Survey: Life during COVID-19

Report no. 1: Early findings

Kelly Hand, Jennifer Baxter, Megan Carroll, Mikayla Budinski


Marriage and money help but don’t lead to long-lasting happiness

Nathan Kettlewell, University of Technology Sydney; Nick Glozier, University of Sydney, and Richard Morris, University of Sydney


5. How Praying for Your Spouse Can Improve Your Marriage

7. Marriage in Ancient Egypt: Egyptian Family System
Robert Garland, P.h.D., Colgate University

8. Marriage offers financial protection, ASU professor's analysis shows

9. More evidence that periodic abstinence is good for marriage relationship


And next week marks the 30th anniversary of the 1st Navy PREP training at the University of Denver, July 12-14,1990