Candidates for Friday Five

1. Using Conceptual Models to Tailor Programming on Adulthood Preparation Subjects to Pregnant and Parenting Youth

2. Teaching well-being at scale: An intervention study

David B. Yaden, Jennifer Claydon, Meghan Bathgate, Belinda Platt, Laurie R. Santos


In Pursuit of Happiness

3.  The State of America’s Children® 2021

4. 8 States Join Learning Network Supporting Child And Family Well-Being Throughout The Pandemic

5. I'm a Dad and a Family Mediator: Here Are 5 Tips for Being a Better Communicator

Jeffrey Owens

6. April Is National Child Abuse Prevention Month

7. Study suggests parental warmth protects troubled teens from psychopathic features and antisocial behavior

by Eric W. Dolan

8. 10 Top Books To Learn How To Rejuvenate American Families

Scott Yenor

9. Stanford study identifies another explanation for the ‘marriage premium’


10. Experts say Instagram for kids is a terrible idea

Facebook is working on a new version of its popular app that’s targeted at children under 13.

By Rebecca Heilweil