Candidates for Friday Five

1. Hungary shows what effective family policy can look like

Harry Benson

2. Advertising & Exhibitor Options

NARME's 10th Anniversary and Annual Summit, July 21-23, San Antonio,TX

3. An Evaluation of the ELEVATE Program for Couples: Considering Vulnerabilities and Relationship Length

Julianne McGill Francesca Adler‐Baeder Chelsea Garneau‐Rosner

4. Parents more lenient about alcohol with teens who experience puberty early

Katie Bohn, PSU News

5. Walking with a partner is great but might slow you down

6. What’s in Biden’s American Families Plan — and does it meet experts’ expectations and hopes?

By Lois M. Collins

7. They fell in love after WWII and Japanese incarceration. At 98, he’s published tribute to his beloved


8. Book of the week: ‘An American Marriage’ is a look into a relationship colliding with the effects of mass incarceration

Jillian Gallagher, Contributing Writer

9. Six out of 10 young Koreans think marriage unnecessary

10. Opposite-sex marriages: average (mean) age at first marriage by sex in England and Wales, 1998 to 2017

On vacation in Monterey, CA (where Pat and I started out after getting married)