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Candidates for Friday Five

1. Kids Count Data Book 2021: State Trends in Child Well-Being: 

podcast iconEpisode 54: Howard Markman and Scott Stanley

Howard Markman and Scott Stanley are internationally recognized researchers who have authored over 100 publications and whose work has spanned over four decades. During this episode, they talk about their many years of collaboration including the development of the PREP® curricula for relationship ...

3.Unhappy marriages can be fatal, increasing male death rate by 19%: Israeli study


Perceiving marriage as successful may help husbands live longer

Nancy Clanton, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

4. How gender norms and job loss affect relationship status
Michele W. Berger

5. The surprising history of home economics, from industry to diplomacy
Rachel Newcomb

6. Parents may underestimate impact of involving adolescent children in conflicts

Sara P. Brennen

7. The Most Effective Way to Thank Your Significant Other
Paul Nicolaus, The Atlantic

8. Perspective: I grew up with an absent father. Now I’m especially grateful for Father’s Day

By Bethany Mandel

9. The GOP Needs To Become Invested In Family Policy

JUNE 18, 2021 By The Federalist Staff

10. Forget race or class, marriage is the big social divide
Edward Davies

11. On Marriage and Divorce (Part 1) The Divorce Wave

12. Improved couple satisfaction and communication with marriage and relationship programs: are there gender differences?-a systematic review and meta-analysis

Zeinab Javadivala 1, Hamid Allahverdipour 2, Mohammad Asghari Jafarabadi 3 4, Somaye Azimi 5, Neda Gilani 6, Vijay Kumar Chattu 7

13. Be prepared for the challenges of marriage


14. Median Age at First Marriage: Geographic Variation, 2019 

Author: Krista K. Payne


What Do the Left and Right Get Wrong About Family Policy?

An online event at 7pm ET on Thursday, June 24 hosted by Michael Toscano and featuring Christine Emba, Leah Libresco Sargeant, and Joe Waters.