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Candidates for IFS Friday Five

1. Healthy Marriage and Relationship Education for Expectant and New Mothers: The One-Year Impacts of MotherWise

Understanding One-Year Impacts of MotherWise in Denver

Explore one-year impact findings of MotherWise, a healthy marriage and relationship education (HMRE) program designed to serve expectant and new mothers with low incomes in Denver, Colorado.

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2. Networking for Emerging Scholars: A Conversation with HMRE Researchers and Practitioners

Hosted by NCFR and the Marriage Strengthening Research and Dissemination Center

October 27, 2021 3:45pm - 5:15pm

3. 7th annual American Family Survey: COVID-19’s impact on family finances, relationships, and well-being

Tuesday, October 12, 2021 | 1:00 PM to 2:30 PM ET

4.  It takes a village 
 The case for family support in every community

  Nicola Smith


Levelling up begins at home: the urgent need to support relationships and families in post-pandemic Britain

5. Nearly half of older adults say bedroom life much better now than in their 30s!
Chris Melore

6. The National Marriage Project at UVa and the St. Anselm Institute were pleased to host Ross Douthat’s presentation, “The Home After the Plague: Family in post-Covid America” on September 22nd.

The recording for the event can be found here, as well as on the NMP web site.

Where is the American family headed as COVID finally seems to be lifting? On the one hand, the pandemic may have delivered yet another blow to an American family already reeling from dramatic declines in marriage and fertility. On the other hand, in the face of trauma and tragedy, people often develop a new appreciation for family, which could prime the nation for family renewal. Ross Douthat, New York Times columnist, will discuss the impact COVID has already had on marriage and family life, as well as the effect the pandemic is likely to have on the family in America in the coming years. He will also discuss how America’s family divides—by class, partisanship, and religion—are likely to be affected by the pandemic’s fallout.

Sponsored by the National Marriage Project at U.Va. and the St. Anselm Institute

7. Latino Parents Report Positive Co-parenting and Parent-Child Interactions that Vary by Gender and Nativity

8. The antipoverty, targeting, and labor supply effects of the proposed child tax credit expansion

9. The Reconciliation Bill More Than Doubles the EITC Marriage Penalty


10. Men Are Now More Likely to Be Single Than Women. It's Not a Good Sign