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Candidates for IFS Fridat Five

1. Family Engagement: Partnering With Families to Improve Child Welfare Outcomes

 Child Welfare Information Gateway

2. Call for Proposals for 2022 Groves Conference On Marriage and Family

Families as a Source of Strength, Healing & Hope

3. Understanding the Economic and Family Stability-Related Benefits of the Success Sequence and its Milestones


Understanding One-Year Impacts of MotherWise in Denver

5. The Hispanic population has quadrupled in the past four decades. It is also becoming more diverse


The US child population shrank by 1 million between 2010 and 2020

6. Navy families with special education needs were left alone; a new program aims to help


7. The U.S. Remarriage Rate, 2019: Trends and Geographic Variation by Gender

Leslie Reynolds

8. California Non-Profit Poised for Important Family Study

Healthy Relationships California

9. Marriage and the gender gap in college education

David J. Ayers

10. Can Our Nation's Churches Save Marriage—and the Family?

Lee Habeeb

11. Searching on campus? The marriage market effects of changing student sex ratios 

Nico Pestel

David Warsh, proprietor