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Candidates for IFS Friday Five

1. National Marriage Week USA Calendar

2. Surgeon general warns of emerging youth mental health crisis in rare public advisory

Howard Blume and Melissa Gomez, Los Angeles Times

3. Sexual Intimacy in Marriage



New Toolkit for Fatherhood Programs Interested in Implementing New Program Components or Services

A new toolkit from the Building Bridges and Bonds (B3) evaluation provides fatherhood program practitioners with user-friendly, hands-on resources to support implementation of new program components or services. The resources include a set of downloadable tools along with an interactive web-based brief and a longer resource document to support use of the tools.

Explore the Toolkit >

5. Married to the job no more: Craving flexibility, parents are quitting to get it

Aaron De Smet, Bonnie Dowling, Marino Mugayar-Baldocchi, and Joachim Talloen

6. Surprising new study finds grandmothers more connected to grandchildren than to own children

Jenna Romaine

7. Do you feel like a sullen teen again when you visit your parents for the holidays? You're not alone


8. Communicating during the holidays

Kerry Elsen, Extension Educator- Buffalo County

9. What premarital sex has to do with divorce — and other takeaways from marriage research

Lois M. Collins

10. EITC effects intergenerational marriage and childbirth decisions—new study

11. For Your Marriage to Work, Commit to Your Relationship

Catherine Aponte, Psy.D.

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 Lewis: The Most Reluctant Convert tomorrow afternoon


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