Candidates for Friday Five

1. Median Age at First Marriage, 2021

Christopher A. Julian

2. Costs of Evidence-Based Early Childhood Home Visiting: Results from the Mother and Infant Home Visiting Program Evaluation

OFFICE OF PLANNING, RESEARCH & EVALUATION, An Office of the Administration for Children & Families

3. Young people need more than Relationship Sex Education (RSE) in the classroom to achieve the relationships they want

Emily Laber-Warren

5. 10 Things Kids Learn from Their Parents’ Marriage

By Doug Fields

6. Fatherhood Programs Can Support Fathers’ Healthy Relationships With Children and Coparents

Lisa Kim,Elizabeth Karberg

7. Focusing on Families: How Districts and States Can Support Families to Form Strong Partnerships with Schools

Jaimie Grazi Orland

8.  OFA Webinar: TANF and Relationship Education: Lessons Learned from Healthy Marriage and Relationship Education Grantees Providing Stability Through Challenging Times (PPT)

9. Children Living with at Least One Foreign-Born Parent More Likely to Live with Two Parents than Children with Native-Born Parents


10. 1 in 4 Britons don’t think they will meet the ‘right’ person to marry, survey shows

Kate Ng to see Top Gun with one of my grandsons.