Candidates for Friday Five

1. A comparative perspective on policies to support single-parent families

2. 'Watching People Grow Into Their Best Selves': Advancing Family Coaching & Education

Family Science Impact: Q&A with NCFR Member Lisa Krause, M.A., CFLE

3. 4 ways to design a disability-friendly future

 Meghan Hussey

4. How the Pandemic Affected U.S. Birth Rates—and What Comes Next


5. Spouse or Significant Other Wellbeing Course: Supporting Public Safety Personnel Families

The Vanier Institute of the Family

6. Video Recordings of RECS 2022, November 2022

Exploring Evaluations of Healthy Marriage and Relationship Education Programming


Impact Findings From the Strengthening Relationship Education and Marriage Services (STREAMS) Evaluation

7. Informing parents in your community about child development: please take part in our survey!

8. Having positive conversations about relationship difficulties: a new guide for local areas

9. How to practice ‘gentle parenting’ — without losing discipline

By Mary Beth Gahan

10. How to Take the Stress Out of Family Gatherings

 Rachel Ehmke

11. Marriage Is a Team Sport

Arthur C. Brooks

12. Marriage and the Public Good: a book pointing the way forward to renewing a culture of marriage

13. African American fathers figure prominently in preventing sons’ depression, aggression