Candidates for IFS Friday Five

1. National Siblings Day


On Thursday, April 13, a downloadable file containing July 1, 2022, estimates of the resident U.S. population by single year of age and sex will be released on the Population and Housing Unit Estimates webpage.

2. TANF & Child Welfare Collaboration: Preventative Strategies Focused on Family Well-being-A Review of the Evidence and Implications for Practice

Universal Benefits of School Programs that Bolster the Behavioral Health and Educational Success of Our Youth

 Wednesday   •   April 19th   •   2:00-3:30 ET


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The National Prevention Science Coalition to Improve Lives (NPSC), the UNC Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute, and the Edna Bennett Pierce Prevention Research Center (PRC) at Penn State University are hosting a congressional briefing on the benefits to children of school-based programs designed to foster social, behavioral, and emotional development.

4. The tyranny of science over mothers.

By Jessica Clements and Kari Nixon in the MIT Press Reader

5. No fault. No divorce boom

Harry Benson

6. The average family spends just 6 hours together — each week

Report by 72Point writer Alice Hughes contributed to this report

7. Positive Experiences in Close Relationships Are Associated With Better Physical Health

8.  Stable Homes, Built on Love: Implementation Strategy and Consultation 
Presented to Parliament by the Secretary of State for Education by Command of His Majesty


Government plans to reform children's social care in England: CASPAR briefing