Candidates for IFS Friday Five

1. Mother’s Day Reflections on the Diverse Experiences of Motherhood

2. Road Maps for Change: Adult-Serving HMRE Grant Recipients’ Rapid Cycle Learning in the SIMR Project


3. Opportunities for Marriage, Partnership Shape Women’s Family Incomes

Ariel Binder, Caroline Walker, Jonathan Eggleston and Marta Murray-Close

4. The Parent Trap: Reducing social inequality by supporting parents and their children

Co-hosted by The MIT Press

5. How to Help Your Teen Be a Good Person


6. Speaking the truth about motherhood and marriage

 by Wendy Wixom

7. The benefits of marriage and religious practice for children and society

Friday, May 12th 2023 @ 1:00PM EDT 
Voice of the Family

8. 2023 NARME Plenary Speakers

9. Carolyn Hax: 20 years into marriage, can unhappiness just be a phase?

Advice by Carolyn Hax

10. Treat Students Like Future Parents, Not Just Future Employees

By Mary Frances Myler

11. ‘Relationships are old school’: Marriage 101 hits 23 years of teaching students about healthy relationships

Beatrice Villaflor

, Assistant Arts and Entertainment Editor

13. Young Koreans aren’t swearing off marriage, they’re deferring it