Candidates for IFS Friday Five

1. On Edge: Understanding and Preventing Young Adults’ Mental Health Challenges

Authored by Richard Weissbourd, Milena Batanova, Joseph McIntyre, and Eric Torres with Shanae Irving, Sawsan Eskander, and Kiran Bhai.

2. Fragile Neighborhoods: A Book Event with Seth Kaplan (replay)

With Yuval Levin,AEI

3. "Shocking": More mothers are working than ever before

Emily Peck, author of Axios Markets

4. Welfare and Family Self-Sufficiency Learning Agenda


5. 'They yell and I yell back': Preschoolers' descriptions of conflict-laden interactions at home

by Uppsala University

6. Fertility Rate in Canada Fell to (Another) Record Low in 2022

Nathan Battams

7. There is power in telling your children ‘I don’t know’

Perspective by Maryam Abdullah

8. Emotional Regulation: Everything You Need to Know to Improve Your Relationships

Candice Ramsey, MA, LAMFT, CPC

9. Reducing Intergenerational Poverty

National Academy of Sciences


11. Marriage Is Not a Tool

12. Utah celebrates 25 years of supporting healthy marriages

By Kaigan Mears Bigler,

13. A Psychologist Explains The 6 Stages Of Marriage

Mark Travers, Contributor

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