Candidates for IFS Friday Five

1. What else birth control does

3. A 100-Year Review of Research on Black Families

Chrishana M. Lloyd
Mavis Sanders
Sara Shaw
Abigail Wulah
Hannah Wodrich
Kristen Harper
Zabryna Balén

4. Education, Gender, and Family Formation
Hanna VirtanenMikko SillimanTiina Kuuppelomäki and Kristiina Huttunen

No 116, ETLA Working Papers from The Research Institute of the Finnish Economy

5. 30% of engaged couples delaying wedding over financial burden, survey finds


Finding purpose in life leads to more dates

6. Children are in crisis, but no-one mentions family breakdown

Lucy Marsh is the PR and Communications Officer at FET

7. Proportion of people married or in civil partnerships falls below 50%

Aine Fox

8. We must pay more attention to young men

Richard Reeves

9. Hidden Expectations Can Become Irreconcilable Differences

10. The 5 Pitfalls of Enabling Adult Children

Jeffrey Bernstein Ph.D. for PT

11. The Housing Crunch Is Causing Americans To Delay Marriage and Children

12. Love letters that led to a Maine couple’s marriage give glimpse of life during World War II

Megan Gray

13. 16th National Marriage Week Focuses on Constant Renewal This Year

14. First Things First: How to navigate different political views in marriage

Lauren Hall / First Things First