Candidates for IFS Friday Five

1.  Restoring and Strengthening the American Family

  Delano Squires, M.A.

2. Equity Action Plan

3. Top admiral responds to Sailor quality of life concerns


Australia's Naval Future: Strengthening Ties Between the Fleet and Families

Geeta Pillai


Fleet & Family Support Center Conducts Reintegration Training for Deployed Sailors Aboard USS Sterett

Petty Officer 1st Class Charles J Scudella III

4. Starting with Strengths, Dreams, and Goals

Pooja Curtin and Kaliah Thomas (OFA)

5. Family Unfriendly: A Book Event with Timothy P. Carney

3/12, 5:00 PM to 6:15 PM ET, With Timothy P. Carney | Yuval Levin

6. The enormous cost of raising kids is forcing Aussies to have fewer children – or none at all

7. BYU-Idaho students teach Dating and Marriage Workshops starting this week

8. America Needs a “Black Wives Matter” Movement To Rebuild the Black Family

9. Discussion on Marriage, Economic Opportunity, and Family Flourishing with Melissa Kearney

10. The Bigger the Bling, the Shorter the Marriage?

11.  Intimate Partner Violence Risk Factors: A Vulnerability-Adaptation Stress Model Approach 

Robyn Joy Brunton and Rachel Dryer