Candidates for IFS Friday Five

1. Designing the Fatherhood TIES Project: Identifying Core Components in Fatherhood Programs Through a Multimethod Analysis Approach

Mancini, Patrizia, Ellie Wilson, Meghan McCormick, Dara Lewis, Bright Sarfo, and Dina Israel


Research and Evaluation Conference on Self-Sufficiency (RECS)

2. Three painfully obvious suggestions to reduce your child’s screen time


3. Married couple families still the majority, finds ONS

Harry Benson


HMRC Marriage Allowance: are you missing out on £252 boost?

4.  Morality in romantic relationships: The role of moral disengagement in relationship satisfaction, definitions of infidelity, and committed cheating 

Verena Aignesberger | Tobias Greitemeyer

5.  Examining Predictors of Relationship Dissolution Among Unmarried Parents: Applying the Vulnerability–Stress–Adaptation Framework 

Jeneé C. Duncan, Xiaoya Zhang, Ted G. Futris, and Katherine M. Sims

6. Wisdom for Parents: Key Ideas from Parent Educators, 2nd Edition,

Call for Authors: Deadline Extended to June 7

7. A link between strokes and your spouse? URI study takes a look at health and romance

Jack Perry, Providence Journal

8. Healthy marriages good for Utah taxpayers, says governor’s adviser


9. Mornings with Eric and Brigitte

Hour 1: Tools to Build a Strong Marriage - with Julie Baumgardner


What Culture Isn't Telling You About Marriage