Candidates for IFS Friday Five

1. Couples Retreat

2. Families Count 2024

3. Friendship in Marriage: What Really Makes a Home

4. Next Generation Leadership for Black Child and Family Well-being
Thursday, June 13, 2:00 pm Eastern
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Assessing quality of life in Michigan’s Black-majority places: A statewide landscape

Andre M. Perry, Hannah Stephens, Manann Donoghoe, and Nicholas French


Where I'm Livin’ and How I'm Feelin’: Associations among community stress, gender, and mental-emotional health among Black Americans

August I.C. Jenkins a, Agus Surachman b, Marina Armendariz c

5. Loneliness and Relationship Well-Being: Investigating the Mediating Roles of Relationship Awareness and Distraction among Romantic Partners

by Thomas B. Sease 1,*, Emily K. Sandoz 2, Leo Yoke 3, Julie A. Swets 4 and Cathy R. Cox 1

6. Free-Range Kids and the Parental Compass
By Dixie Lane

7. Do more egalitarian men experience less union dissolution? A couple-level analysis

Liat Raz-Yurovich, Barbara S. Okun, Matanel Ben-Avi

8. Census Bureau Releases New Estimates on Families and Living Arrangements

9. Core Components of Relationship Education (C-CORE)


Lower-income teens less likely to view marriage as necessary: report

Jung Da-hyun

11. Marriage Prep vs. Wedding Prep