Candidates for the IFS Friday Five

1. Call for Authors Spring 2022 Issue: A New “Normal”

2. Co-Regulation in Practice: Strategies for Practitioners Who Serve Youth Aged 14-24


Update: What We’re Learning About the Pandemic-Related Experiences of ACF Programs and the Children and Families they Serve

Nicole Deterding

3. Root of teen empathy begins with secure relationships at home, study finds

By Sarah Molano, CNN

4. The Ultimate Key to Vision, and Relationship

John Cuddeback

5. Braver Angels Helps Couples See Past Politics to Strengthen Their Relationships

Amber Brooks


Are you and a loved one struggling with your political differences? So many families have been divided by politics. Get help with your relationship from BA cofounder Dr. Bill Doherty.
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6. 30 Days of MD: Interdependence Enhances Our Marriage

8. Why loneliness is increasing, and how to fight back


9. Films showing the reality of marriage

Caryn James

10. Does marriage protect mental health? Evidence from the COVID-19 pandemic

Clara E. Jace, Christos A. Makridis

11. Educated Women Increasingly Likely to Have 1st Baby Before Marriage

 Jill Rosen

12. Is marriage for white people? The US racial marriage divide

Dr Rauh, a University Lecturer at the Faculty of Economics at the University of Cambridge

The full paper by Elizabeth M. Caucutt, Nezih Guner, Christopher Rauh “Is Marriage for White People? Incarceration, Unemployment, and the Racial Marriage Divide” is available at:

13 The Marriage Icon



Candidates for Friday Five

1. Study aims to provide insights into the dynamics and trajectories of distressed couples

Reviewed by Emily Henderson, B.Sc.

2. Kindness toward others can boost our own physical and mental health. Commit to 21 days of kindness this September with Born This Way Foundation’s #BeKind21 campaign

Zara Abrams


A pedagogy of kindness: the cornerstone for student learning and wellness

Fiona Rawle, University of Toronto Mississauga


New Series of Practice Briefs for Implementing Co-Regulation Strategies in Youth-Serving HMRE Programs

Explore our new series of practice briefs designed specifically for youth-serving programs. This actionable, illustrated series provides step-by-step instructions for implementing six evidence-informed and theory-based co-regulation strategies.

Read the Briefs >

4. Free parenting and relationship support across London

5. HMRE Evaluation Data Tool

6. Mind & Body: Marriage, City Living May Help When Heart Disease Strikes

Ernie Mundell and Robert Preidt, HealthDay Reporter

7. Handling Back-to-School Anxiety in a Pandemic

 Erin Digitale

8. Building Upon the Resilience of Hispanic Families During COVID-19

9. What Is a Convalidation Ceremony?

10. We studied 100 years of Australian fatherhood. This is how dads changed

Kate Murphy Alistair Thomson



Candidates for Friday Five

1. Center Coordinator, Center on Children and Families

2. Pick 1

Understanding How Court Practices and Court System Resources Relate to Judicial Decision-Making and Hearing Quality in Child Welfare Court Cases

A product of our Understanding Judicial Decision-Making and Hearing Quality in Child Welfare project, this brief describes research on court practices and court system resources that relate to judicial decision-making and hearing quality in child welfare court cases.

Read the Brief >


Using Adult Learning Theory in Healthy Marriage and Responsible Fatherhood Workshops

Explore this paper, which examines how adult learning theory might inform healthy marriage and responsible fatherhood (HMRF) programming so it can be more successful in supporting family well-being. The paper describes key principles of adult learning theory and suggests strategies based on these principles that HMRF programs can try to support participants’ engagement and learning. 

Read the Paper >


Strategies from Adult Learning Theory That Program Developers and Facilitators Can Use in Healthy Marriage and Responsible Fatherhood Workshops

This brief highlights five strategies based on adult learning theory that Healthy Marriage and Responsible Fatherhood (HMRF) program developers and facilitators can use to support participants’ engagement and learning, exploring specific ways programs can implement these strategies, along with concrete tips and examples.

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3. How Dads Can Build a Network of Parenting Allies at Work

by Han-Son Lee and Hugh Wilson

4. Couples’ Daily Lives Study seeking participants

5. Pandemic prompts Sunday chicken roast revival as Aussie families rediscover sit-down meals

6. Parents want work-life balance, but they don’t agree on what it looks like

Lois M. Collins

7. Latest Figures Show China's Millennials Aren't The Marrying Kind

By Qiao Long and Chingman


China changes law to allow married couples to have up to three children

Nicole Acevedo

 and The Associated Press

8. Delay and Grandparenthood

Matt Bruenig

9. The staggering, exhausting, invisible costs of caring for America’s elderly

By Anne Helen Petersen

10. We will be attending our nieces' wedding on Sat. See 



Candidates for Friday Five

1.Providing Healthy Marriage and Relationship Education Programs Virtually: Lessons from a Case Study of the ELEVATE Program in Florida


2. History and Implementation of the Federally Funded Healthy Marriage and Relationship Education (HMRE) Grants

Mindy Herman-Stahl, Mindy E. Scott, Kendy Cox, and Sharon Vaughn

3. ‘Let them be kids!’ Is ‘free-range’ parenting the key to healthier, happier children?

Candidates for Friday Five

1.  CoupleTalk Live

Marian O’Connor

3. Brazil-based research empowering vulnerable families, communities amid COVID-19

by Chuck Green | CYFS

4. More Money for Families

 Linda Boyer, Acting Commissioner, OCSE

5. A course for girls in preparation for marriage

Mildred V. Estes

6. Secrets To Working Together As Married Entrepreneurs

Neal Taparia

7. Wedding bells have to ring loud and long to make up for large pandemic decline

 Lois M. Collins

8. 7 Social Security Spousal Benefit Rules Every Married Couple Should Know

Robin Hartill

9. Unpaid caregivers: How America treats women caring for paralyzed partners

Amber Ferguson

10. Study: Wisconsin marriage penalties hurt families and businesses

By Gailon Totheroh