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March 14, 2017

It's here. It's really here.

The NCAA tournament kicks off with the First Four tonight

The first game of the 2017 tournament tips off when 16-seed Mount St. Mary's and 16-seed New Orleans fight for the chance to play overall No. 1 seed Villanova (6:40 ET, TruTV) in the West. WATCH LIVE

Next, 11-seed Wake Forest and 11-seed Kansas State face off for a spot against 6-seed Cincinnati (9:10 ET, TruTV) in the South. WATCH LIVE

View the interactive bracket | Print the bracket

Every single first-round game analyzed

NCAA.com’s Mike Lopresti previewed every one of the 36 games played Thursday and Friday, from Mount St. Mary’s vs. New Orleans to Dayton vs. Wichita State. If you need some background on any matchup, we’ve got you covered.

Here's a list of the times and TV schedule for those games.

The top five players to watch in each region

This was a tough list to put together as, spoiler alert, there are quite a few good players in the tournament. You’ve got Josh Hart and Luke Kennard in the East, and then Malik Monk, Justin Jackson and Lonzo Ball just in the South.

NCAA.com’s Joe Boozell broke down each region:

Women's NCAA tournament field released

UConn's women's team landed the No. 1 overall seed in the women's 2017 NCAA tournament and the Huskies' (32-0) march for a record fifth straight national title truly begins. Notre Dame (30-3), South Carolina (27-4) and Baylor (30-3) rounded out the rest of the 1 seeds.

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The final AP Top 25 of the season came out yesterday

Villanova took back its No. 1 spot, which Kansas had held for the past two weeks and Gonzaga claimed for the four weeks before that. It’s certainly not a bad position to be in, but it is by no means a guarantee of Nova’s success.

History shows that the AP No. 1 is far from a championship lock in the NCAA tournament. The final No. 1 has captured the title just once since 2001 and only four times since the tournament expanded to 64 teams in 1985.

See the full Top 25

Behind the numbers of the final AP Top 25

More bracket tips coming your way

Here's one. Get the Final Four as close to perfect as you can. The glory in picks often feels like nailing 30-of-32 first-round games and successfully picking a 14-3 upset, but the points come in the Elite Eight and the Final Four, according to what we've seen from winners over the past six years. For instance, the guy that got his first 25 picks right in our 2016 game didn't even finish in the top 20 percent when it was all said and done. NCAA.com's Joe Boozell has more.

Brackets close at noon ET on Thursday, but there's still plenty of time to make your picks.

Start your brackets | Bracket BeatMadness Matchup Tool

Mark your calendar

First Four in Dayton: March 14, 15 - Watch these games live on the March Madness Live App
First Thursday of the NCAA tournament: March 16
Sweet 16 begins: March 23
Final Four in Phoenix: April 1-3


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Fwd: The Road to the Final Four Starts This Week!

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The Road to the Final Four
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Abstract: In many Western countries, father involvement in childcare has strongly increased during the second half of the 20th century. Policy changes should have arguably sustained the trends in the UK in the new millennium. This report examines recent changes in father involvement in the UK by analysing the 2000 and 2015 UK Time-Use surveys and compares the patterns with findings from similar analyses for France, Italy and Sweden. The analyses show that fathers in the UK spent more time doing childcare in 2015 compared to 2000 but they spent less total time together with their children. Compared to fathers in France and Sweden, the levels of father involvement in the UK were relatively low. The UK stands out from the other three countries by stronger educational gradients of father involvement on weekends, suggesting cumulative disadvantages of children who grow up in low-educated families.



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Children are usually best supported within their families. Respectful connections with families foster partnerships to promote children's safety.

Richard Meier

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